The reason we do this is simple, lifelong learning, and pursuing our goals, in the moment, has massive benefits for mental health and vitality.

We want people to leave this world knowing that at least they tried to achieve their biggest dream. If people don’t know their big dream, then we want to help them find it. Clarity is always the first step. Once we have clarity we need the right mindset and a plan.


My name is Justin (@JustTries on social media) and I started Just Keep Learning. I wanted to build a brand that can model a growth mindset, promote lifelong learning, and help people achieve their big dreams.

I have had many interests and dreams that I did not pursue throughout my life because I lacked a growth mindset. Now that I fully understand how to dream big and the steps to take to achieve some of those dreams, I can learn really fast, efficient and the sky is the limit.

I want you to feel the exact same way!


We always take a learning stance. Because we believe so strongly in learning, we take feedback from our community about the things that they would like to learn.

We always focus on showcasing vulnerability and a growth mindset in all of the content we create.


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The JKL BLOG is geared towards helping you not just set goals, but achieve them too. The Blog is our written cheat codes for setting life goals, building systems and habits to achieve your big dreams.

The JKL PODCAST interviews experts who have succeeded in their industry, gone through the ups and downs and are willing to share what they learned with you!

If you would like to connect with our Founder, Justin (@Justtries) where he shares some more personal thoughts, rants and ideas you can check out his Personal Site: Justtries.Ca

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