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My Name Is Justin Nolan, and I am a learning addict.

I like to call my job title “learner” because since kindergarten I have been a student. In my adult life, I have been a teacher and coach.

Learning and teaching, two things that I will keep doing until the day I die. I am taking my learning to the next level by picking something specific to practice. After that, I will be focused on learning that skill from experts, practicing for 200 hours and sharing the experience.

I will share the learning and failure, the ups and downs, and take all of your questions and feedback.

I am not attempting to fight Malcom Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule. Above all, I am not naive to the fact that expertise comes from a ton of practice. Therefore, I am humble enough to know that I will not become great at these ventures.

Tim Ferris has said in 6-12 months anyone can become world class in a skill in 6-12 months of practice.

Josh Kaufman has found that the first 20 hours of practice are enough to allow you to enjoy the activity.

Clearly there are semantics and debate around how long does it take to learn a new skill, because details and definitions vary. Take learning music, for example, since it’s far more complex than say playing the spoons.

What’s The Purpose?

The purpose is to see how well I can learn if I take the most efficient approach possible. That means effective goal setting, habits, and systems, dedicated practice, feedback, vulnerability, and a growth mindset.

This site exists for three reasons:

  1. To publish a daily journal to help inspire you to learn
  2. Pass on the most important mantra, Just Keep Learning
  3. To collaborate with as close to 8 billion people as possible

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