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This episode will help anyone trying to find their way in life. Especially if you want to start a business online. Irina coaches people to get clarity over their business goals and get started. She prides herself on helping people find full alignment and the pragmatic steps to getting those goals.

Irina has a unique backstory that involves moving to a new country. She had to overcome a lot to learn the culture, build social networks and learn the language. Yet, in spite of the challenges, she was able to get an MBA and build a successful business.

If anyone truly believes the idea that we are all unique and have gifts that we should share it’s Irina Buse.

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Episode Notes

Our episode 7 guest, Irina Buse truly understands what it means to overcome adversity en route to achieving your goals. She is a great example for people who want to pursue their own passions but don’t know where to start. 

She has an incredible resume when it comes to helping people get clarity over what they want to do in life. She has specific skills in supporting people who want to be their own boss. One of her greatest strengths is making business simple and practical for people.

While she has a lot of corporate experience and an MBA, she prefers her work as an entrepreneur. Irina is a speaker, coach and consultant that supports people in finally taking that leap to pursue their dream work.

She has quite the backstory of living in Romania during difficult political times, emigrating to Canada and having to start over, but really making a pretty special comeback.

You don’t have to look any further than the testimonials on her website to know how many people she has helped. Like all of our guests, she is an inspiring example of pursuing your passions, doing what you love first, while worrying about money second, and most importantly, being a good person along the way. 

In episode 7 of The Just Keep Learning Podcast, we talked about growing up with struggles, resilience and building a coaching business. Hope you enjoy! 

Keys To Keep In Mind As A New Business Owner

When you start a business, the key is to start really simple. Here are some steps

  • Know your why and what that accomplishment would mean to you
  • Realize that “failing” is going to happen a lot and it’s actually learning
  • Get crystal clear on the community and audience you want to serve
  • Understand all of the possible ways you could serve them
  • Serve that community as much as possible for free
  • Pick one of those ways and sit with the idea a bit so you know it’s for sure
  • Share that with your community, and build testimonials, and referrals around that offer
  • Get feedback and revise that offer, price, marketing strategy etc.
  • Share the offer renewed, revised and continue to build the business by serving
  • Once that idea is established and automated you can move on to the next one

Memorable Quotes

“When a baby learns to walk, you don’t get mad at failure. You celebrate the first step. But this is not how we function in regular life because we think that only success should be celebrated. It’s way more important to fail and learn than to get it right, because it helps us learn.”

“Everybody should try to start a business. You don’t know if you are made to be an employee, or you are made to be an entrepreneur. Everyone should try. Because, it’s like your first relationship trying to find love. You need to give things a try to know.”

“The way we conventionally measure time has nothing to do with our growth path. I think there is value in everything, because there is a lot of value that people can offer at any age. There is a huge difference between someone who is 14 and someone in their eighties.”

“It will work when people need it. It doesn’t even matter what it is, but if people want it, it will work. It’s that simple.”

“If you serve first and do it right, you won’t have to worry about money, you will have lots of money.”

Guest Bio

Irina is a mindset coach specializing in supporting people to become their own boss by the power of their mind and emotions. Initially trained for the business world, she completed her formal education in business management, got her MBA and worked in different corporations for 20 years.

Her passion is being close to people, feeling their story and helping them build the conditions for long lasting transformation.

She changed careers in her late 30’s becoming a certified health coach empowering women from all walks of life.

The programs she runs are around the concepts of spirituality, diet, mind management, habit change, communication and holistic, green living.

This is the foundation for realizing your dreams. Be and stay in shape, without stressful effort and make peace with the worries, fear and power you have to live healthy.

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