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Why Do We All Need Coaching?

You create your world.

Justin Nolan Coaching Client

Your results are a reflection of your inputs.

To get different results requires different inputs.

In theory, you could read a book, meditate, or reflect and figure it out on your own.

But every great athlete, leader, or artist has learned from incredible coaches.

Sometimes it takes a second heart, brain, or eyes to see where we can make a change.

I love going to therapy and I love meeting with my coach.

Combining these two methods to the madness of building my mind is a life changer.

I want the same for you.

Now to be honest, you don’t “NEED” coaching.

But many of us “WANT” coaching.

In fact it will probably only work if you do in fact want it.

I Believe In You. 

You can get clarity.
You can achieve your big dreams. I know this is true.

But how do I know? 

Why I Coach

I was depressed by the fact that I felt powerless in life.
Depression, anxiety, grief, being out of shape, unhealthy and struggling to set, let alone achieve my goals made me feel terrible.

But, in an amazing twist, there is more than a silver lining from this part of my life.

Justin Nolan, Coaching, Laughing,

Going from stuck to empowered and achieving my own goals allowed me to quickly find out just how powerful you are too.

Interviewing so many experts and building a network of incredible leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs has opened my eyes to what is possible for you. 

I didn’t grow up around money, fame, or fortune.
I’ve had to research, learn and work like crazy to achieve my goals.

But the biggest takeaway I have had after learning from so many incredible people is that anyone can achieve wild dreams. 

You truly can achieve your big dreams. 

We all can. 

Having a coach has been transformational for me. 

It helps me see blind spots, improve my mindset and come up with plans that include simple next steps.

And when I’m able to pass that on to you it makes this world feel complete. 

There are many great moments from the podcast, but one of my favorite memories was this quote:

“Justin, I can see it now, you are going to help a lot of people who forgot how to dream big.”

Maya Marcia Wieder
Maya Marcia Wieder On Oprah's Couch

Now it’s not the fact that she’s been on Oprah’s couch twice, or that it costs $15000 a day to work with her.

(What an amazing throwback photo)

Her success is inspiring, but it’s the fact that she said “forgot how to dream big.”

That’s my biggest goal.
Help you dream big and then figure out a plan and take action toward that dream. 

Maya Marcia was one of the absolute best at this!

And now I feel like I owe it to her to carry the torch a little bit.

Most importantly I want you to feel less overwhelm, stress, or confusion about owning your dreams.

I Coach Because I Want To Coach

Sure, this could be a course.
I could teach concepts, like a teacher, one to many. 

But that is impossible when it comes to big dreams. 

No course can figure out your deepest goals, why you want them, or how to get there.

There is only one right way specific for  you! 

For as long as I am lucky enough to be alive I will have coaching clients. 

I absolutely love coaching people 1:1. 

But, I made the mistake of stopping a while back to scale my podcast and revenue by creating an “automated” life. 

I worked more on email marketing projects, writing books, creating workshops and social media content. 

None of that is bad. But I had one thing wrong. 

I thought that was the progression I was supposed to take.

“To Create Freedom And Stop trading time for money”

In some ways this is a good goal, for many parts of life, but when it comes to creating a truly powerful, life changing relationship, it’s only possible through coaching.

I thought all of the best business leaders simply find a way to step completely away from their business and allow it to run on auto-pilot. 

But I had an amazing conversation with Jaime Masters, one of the best entrepreneurs I know and she reminded me of something. 

Jaime Masters Eventual Millionaire Website

(Sidenote: A lot of what I’ve learned in online business is from Jaime and her brand “Eventual Millionaire” definitely check out her book and site if you haven’t already)

Jaime has been wildly successful and could easily systematize a lot of what she does in her business.

But she still coaches.

One to one. 


It’s simple.

For those of us who love to coach, it’s like fitness. It’s just a part of our life. Something we want to do that creates not just money for a business, but a powerful, lifelong relationship that makes the world a better place.

And so, I do too, even if it’s possible to automate most of my business. 

Even if I could “retire”.
I will have coaching clients for as long as I am lucky enough to live. 

Why Do People Hire Me?

Many people have settled and given up on their dreams.

Walt Disney Quote Dream Big

I know I did until I learned better.
Until I learned to dream again and put a plan in place for success.

Walt Disney has an interesting quote that applies here:
“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

But what if you can’t dream it?
And what if you can dream it, but it just isn’t happening?

Maybe this isn’t actually what you want.
Perhaps you are confused about why you want it.
It’s possible dream blockers are getting in the way.
Or perhaps you need a better plan?

At some point in a goal setting, success journey, you’ll struggle to see the next step.
You’ll need someone to partner with.

I will astound you with the possibilities you can’t see for your self.

My coaching is specific, customized and tailor made for one person. You.

Justin Nolan Coaching Application

Because I go super deep and it takes a lot of energy, I only take on a few clients on at a time.

So it’s always a good idea to be on the waiting list.

Every so often I go to my list of applicants and do some initial clarity calls.
I charge a lot of money for a one-time clarity call, but for potential coaching clients, this call is FREE.

It’s not a 15 minute “chat”.

More like 1-2 hours.

And it is a deep, powerful, life changing coaching session.

The goal of this session is to identify your big dream, what’s getting in the way, and come up with a plan.

There is no big salesy pitch about being a client at the end.

If you want to work together long term AND I feel it would be a positive experience for both of us then I will explain next steps.

Either it will be a Hell Yes, Or A Hell No!

But no matter what it will be an incredible experience.

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