• How To Steal Like An Artist Without Being A Thief

    Every One Of Us As Creatives Needs To Steal Like An Artist But We Have To Do It Without Being A Thief I can remember what it was like to first start filmmaking, to paint for the first time and to create my first podcast. It’s kind of crazy to think back to those times, but I do remember what it felt like.  Everything felt slow. And my curiosity was often slowed, or blocked by worrying about what others would […]
  • Two Questions To Have Clarity And Get Started As A Content Creator

    Content Creation Leads To Leverage I have long believed that a very simple rule to career success has been to shift our personality from consumer to creator.Watch a lot of movies, but also make one. Read nineteen books, but then make the twentieth.  It’s such a simple shift.  From spending to selling.  Yet, it escapes most classrooms and dining room tables when it comes to life lessons that our teachers or parents give us.  Don’t always consume, be sure to […]
  • Solo 44

    Do We Need The 10,000 Hour Rule? How To Learn Fast! It makes sense that I share how to learn, my whole brand is called “Just Keep Learning”wn And I want to give a quick shoutout to a fellow creator, Michelle Khare who does an incredible job of documenting the process of learning skills.She creates videos of her going from “I know nothing about this skill, like singing, chess, gaming and many, many more, to I have practiced and now […]
  • Solo 43

    Reduce Stress As A Content Creator Lessons On Compassion & Essentialism From Kristin Neff And Greg McKeown In today’s solo episode I’ll talk about reducing stress as a content creator.  I was asked an amazing question on the show today, actually I’ll play it for you quickly. “I would ask you, what is a way to reduce stress as a content creator? Like how would you help me reduce my cognitive, stress load?” That’s Taylin Simmonds, a real leader in […]
  • Solo 42

    How To Create Crystal Clear Clarity Of Your Big Dream  I am a huge believer in big dreams. One of my favorite books, by Bob Goff is literally called Dream Big. And I think that is the exact, perfect terminology that we need to use in every single school right now. We need big dreams. We need to create them. And we need to pursue them.But, I also understand that without our habits and next steps, a dream remains stuck […]
  • Solo 41

    Who Are You? Don’t Underestimate The Power Of Actually Starting With Why  Now it would have been very easy to leave “actually” out of the title of this. It says “the power of actually starting with why”. But it’s an important word in this case. And that’s because Simon Sinek’s work, “start with why” has become extremely popular. And for good reason. Anything that simple, yet impactful deserves to have a huge following. But, like any cliche, there is a […]
  • Solo 40

    3 Questions To Design The Life Of Your Dreams A few years ago someone asked me what I thought about all of the Connor McGregor hype.This was at the height of his fighting and personal brand success when he catapulted to global fame. Right after he won the double belt for the first time in the UFC. And I said, “It’s been crazy fun to watch, but I just really hope he doesn’t have a fall from grace and can […]
  • Solo 39

    Think In These 4 Levels To Make Big Dreams Simple And Less Stressful Will Smith said it better than I can. “Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity why would you be realistic what’s the point of being realistic? I’m going to do it, it’s done. The second I decide it’s done, it’s already done. Now we just gotta wait for y’all to see.” – Will Smith And I completely agree, we should dream as wild and […]
  • Solo 38

    7 Questions To Make Sure You Have A Dream Worth Chasing We all aspire to be a certain person or do certain things, but often we leave the details as vague “maybe’s” or hope that fate will guide us somewhere. We all have beautiful talents and wild ambitions that have been covered up by dream blockers like fear and doubt.  Most times we don’t even know that we are blocking our dreams because it happens in our subconscious.  The good […]
  • Solo 37

    Six Steps To Achieve Your Big Goals According To AI In the previous solo episode, we talked about whether or not you should burn the boats and go all in on your big goal. I promise I’ll do a bigger summary in the future, but I used a couple of the main points from Matt Higgin’s “Burn the Boats” book in that episode, like the fact that you need to ask yourself the right questions in order to get to […]


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