• Embrace Your Life’s Pivots Before It’s Too Late

    Do you ever feel guilty for wanting to try different things?I certainly do. But the stuff I’ve been studying recently has really helped. I hope this helps you too.If you know anyone else multi passionate, struggling to pick one thing, or decide on a niche, please send them my way. So I was thinking the other day about the idea of taking on many projects, and I remembered the first time I learned the word “pivot”. I was like 8 […]
  • You Must Believe This To Learn Anything Valuable

    Everything Is “Figure-out-able” I’ve come to realize, if you want to achieve big dreams, you must believe in your ability to “figure things out.” Maybe you wanna create a podcast, write a book, or build a business. Go figure, three things I’m always working on.  But perhaps you want to make some of your own clothing, start public speaking more, or meet the love of your life.  Whatever the heck it is, it all requires learning.And learning in the right […]
  • The Number One Learning Strategy According To Tony Robbins

    Why Do We Suck At Learning? A lot of teachers are ineffective for one main reason.  And it keeps most of us from self-learning too. Lack of Immersion I’ve been searching for the best ways to learn for the last twenty some years. And universe willing, I’ll be spending many more. Part of the problem with figuring this out is that the answer is always individual.  (This is why 1:1 coaching can never be beat). There are many claims for […]
  • Crazy Story About Booking A Guest And How We Need To Keep Going

    Kind Of A Holy Shit Moment I was sitting at the park reading a book literally called “The Holy Shit Moment” which makes this story that much more interesting. I had felt like giving up on the podcast at this point. Like a creative does. The weight of creating just felt a bit unbearable for the moment. And then I had a really cool manifestation moment that to this day gives me chills. Ryan Holiday Feels Like Giving Up Too […]
  • 7 Tips For Better Storytelling

    Mr. Beast  Mr. Beast tried growing on Youtube for years, making hundreds of videos before anyone watched. There were so many times he felt like giving up. But he trusted it would work out. He never lost faith, continued learning and kept going. Now he’s the biggest creator on the planet. He opened 150 “Beast Burger” locations in 24 hours.His chocolate bars make over $100 Million dollars per year! It costs much more than a super bowl ad to sponsor one of […]
  • Thinking Fast & Slow Tribute To Daniel Kahneman

    There are quite a few leaders who have passed away that I regret not being able to interview. One of the people who has joined that list is Daniel Kahneman, author of Thinking Fast And Slow. Daniel died recently at age 90. I knew sharing some of his legacy could be helpful to us. So let’s start off with an important question.  How would you answer this: What is the ultimate outcome of an education? There’s no right, or wrong take.But […]
  • 3 Fun Tricks To Spark Your Creativity

    I know you want to increase confidence in your creativity. Artist, business leader, teacher, stay at home parent. Whatever.We’ll always say yes to more creativity. But a lot of times we feel stuck. Do you ever feel like you’re stuck? There are a bunch of things you could do to light your creative fire.I’ll share a few today. But, remember, these are simply exercises.And much like exercises in the gym, they can help us maintain a healthy body and mind.(If […]
  • 5 Ways You Can Grow And Thrive From Trauma

    This was an incredible question from someone in the JKL Community. “What is Post traumatic growth? How does one transition out of survival mode?” In education there is an important term called “trauma informed teaching”.The concept is simple, teach in a way that is compassionate to people who may have experienced trauma, so as to not make it worse. It’s always best to err on the side of caution when teaching, or coaching anyone.  You don’t know what they’ve been […]
  • Do You Know Your Mission?

    There are so many things I wish I had done differently when starting a creator business. I have no doubt in my mind that this podcast would be far more successful if I knew then what I know now.  But I’m not mad about it. That’s just life.  And my whole mission is to learn these things so I can pass ‘em on to future clients, or my own kids to give them a head start.  In that regard, I […]
  • Why Does Goal Setting Suck?

    I won’t get into all the troubles with education. But I will mention one. The fact we still (well some people still) drill the idea of “goal setting”. I’m partly to blame. I often use the keywords “goals, or goal setting”. And maybe I should stop. But I feel it’s my duty to change what that means.I want more content about dreaming and letting go. Start Letting Go Something tells me this whole JKL brand is going to be more […]