• Solo 34

    A Quick And Fun Way To Pick Your One Thing To Focus On Alright, I think at this point it goes without saying, but it is almost impossible to focus on only one thing. In many ways, the idea of “balance” is a myth.  We have many things in life that we need to focus on; family, friends, self-care, work, and unfortunately health at times. This is where counterbalance is the true reality. At times we will be so focused […]
  • Solo 33

    7 Fast And Free Ways To Try Out Your Possible Big Dreams The term “Dream Big” appears on T shirts, water bottles, posters and many other things we see in our day to day life. And I love seeing it! Another thing that is pretty popular is the idea of focusing on your one big dream to be able to make it come true. Books like “The One Thing” make this concept popular. But, what if you don’t know what […]
  • Solo 32

    How To Actually Decide On Your Big Beautiful Dream By Naming Infinite Games I am a huge believer in pursuing dreams for two big reasons. One, it prevents regret, which is such a powerful state of sadness. And, two it helps us live each day with a little more vitality. A little more pep in our step. It doesn’t matter if it’s for work, for play, or anywhere in between. At any given moment in time, we can establish a […]
  • Solo 31

    Do You Know What Turns Your Joy Dial To Bring You Great Motivation And Energy? In JKL Interview 15 I had the opportunity to learn from Parker Palmer, renowned education reform leader and author of “Let Your Life Speak”. One of his more popular statements as a thought leader is that we “need to make sure we don’t do a noble job of living someone else’s life.” I absolutely love this core belief. That we need to be sure we […]
  • Solo 30

    3 Questions To Help You Plan Your Values And Lifestyle First Alex Hormozi doesn’t like the word “should”. But I think in the context I am about to use the word, it makes sense.  As humans, we are supposed to change constantly. And ideally for the better.  We should become increasingly creative, humble and kind. We should become more vulnerable, passionate and learn more.We should always pursue clarity by discarding what is no longer true and building on top of what currently […]
  • Solo Episode 29

    5 Tips To Help You Live In Peace Now And Still Win The Dreams You Want In The Future We’ve already established that there is a counterintuitive approach to success. The trick is being able to set a vision for the future, but then only focus on the present moment. We talked about one approach already in episode 45 “what is mindfulness and how can you get started?” where we shared 20 activities to feel more in tune with your […]
  • Solo Episode 28

    3 Fun Questions To Help You Choose Your Big Goal In Life? I am often asked, what if I have too many ideas? Or what if I have no ideas at all?Now, it would be unfair, but it’s tempting in both cases to say, “Just Try” things and call it a day. I will elaborate, but that is the main point. If you can strengthen your dreamer muscle, there will be plenty of ideas, too many to even try them […]
  • Solo Episode 27

    How To Create Meaning And Perspective To Start Building Big Dreams Here’s the bottom line friends in this JKL community, I want you to be excited about your life. No matter how young, or old you are, I want you to be excited about the life that you are creating.  The Meaning Of Life And to me, the meaning of life question is “meaning.” And I actually got this from Viktor Frankl, not just a Holocaust survivor, but as crazy […]
  • Solo Episode 26

    3 Really Simple Tips To Help You Slow Down And Feel Freedom If you have a big dream already, great, all you need to do is continue to take action, pivot, and keep going. And, if you don’t have a big dream yet, that’s ok too. It will take us a while to figure it out, but it’s so much fun and there is no rush. I know many of us feel “stuck”.People often use this term, “stuck” to describe […]
  • Solo Episode 25

    Chasing Big Dreams Is Easy, The True Challenge Is Coming Up With One  I love sharing ideas about big dreams. And a lot of these ideas come to me when commuting somewhere. Well, today I thought of something that gets in the way of a lot of our big dreams. While driving to meet a client it popped in my head: It’s true.  Most people don’t get what they want because they don’t know what they want. I’ve had this powerful […]


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