• Solo Episode 24

    7 Powerful Questions To Make Sure We Are Ready To Own Our Big Dreams Think of something you want to do. Now, ask why haven’t you started yet? If you were able to take ownership of your decisions, you would be.  So what’s getting in the way? Many clients I work with, especially teens, feel overwhelmed by the pressure put on them to have a goal in life. The last word they want to hear is “goal-setting”. But, why is […]
  • 15 Things Stealing Self-Control

    15 Things Stealing Self-Control Inspired By GaryVee’s Most Powerful Quote For the longest time, I pursued goals because I thought they were the right things to chase, not really knowing if I personally, truly believed in them. I quit working in the fitness industry to pursue a career as a teacher. I did my Masters in Educational Leadership & Learning. I climbed the ladder of formal rewards to become a Principal in schools. While I’m grateful for many of these […]
  • 4 Gas Tanks To Fuel Your Big Dreams

    Where Are Your Tanks? If we want to be clear on our big dreams, we need to know where we are in four main areas. These are like gas tanks for our goals. We want to keep them as full as possible. Once we’re all fueled up we can decide where we want to go. Reflect And Reset Many examples of thought exercises come to mind when I think of assessing where we are.  Drop off your old baggageBut how […]
  • Figure Out Your Dreamblockers

    If Chasing Big Dreams Is Easy, Then What Gets In Our Way? Life is so fun when we are hunting a big goal, but often something is getting in the way. Dreamblockers develop throughout the course of our life to make it seem like we don’t have a big dream.  As kids we had the ability to dream big. Over time things start to get in the way. What are some things that become dreamblockers and how can we quickly […]
  • Is Picking Your Passion Bad Advice?

    In today’s episode, I’ll tell you why follow your passion, alone, is bad advice, and we’ll look at some questions you can ask yourself to figure out what brings you the most meaning? I apologize for any confusion, but “pick your passion” is bad advice. I apologize because I talk a lot about the importance of pursuing passions. The thing is I realize this can be confusing if left on it’s own. I am big on chasing your dreams, discovering, […]
  • Walk In Your Own Maze

    In today’s episode, inspired by music lyrics, I’ll tell you about the importance of mazes in our life, a funny story of taking a kiddo in a wheelchair through an outdoor maze, how it taught me a lot about goals and how we can learn to be even better at getting out of mazes. There are many tools that help us learn to live a good life. Some are more obvious, but others are a bit hidden. I find song […]
  • Forgive And Apologize Fast

    There are so many funny little things in life that hold us back from our goals. One of these things is stressing about the idea of an apology. Closely linked is the way in which many of us overthink. Let me say in just the second line the simple point that saves some time. To apologize, or to move on from waiting for someone else to apologize and forgive should both be done as quickly as possible. In this episode, […]
  • Why So Serious?

    In order to achieve our big goals we need to focus on becoming a new person. The catch is we can’t become a new person until we learn to be fully grateful for our current one. We can’t take things too seriously on the journey. We learn some wisdom from Ryan Reynolds and The JOKER in this episode. Don’t Take Life Too Serious If we are to achieve our goals we will be able to live in a state of […]
  • Design Your Life

    Don’t go through life randomly on autopilot. Instead, make decisions about what you want in life and decide how you will get those things. Do this using the design thinking process. You Can Design Your Life You can design your life, or at least parts of your life based on design thinking. The idea is simple, rather than going through life like a tumbleweed being blown around by the wind, going wherever life takes you, you design aspects of your […]
  • The “P” Philosophy

    Having tools and systems that are easy to remember can help us stay in a learning mindset. One of the fun ways to remember some of these strategies is to remember your “P”s. We’ll look at three “P” words that help and three “P” words that hurt your progress. Focus Because Life Is Short Are you a dreamer, or an overthinker? Then understanding the “Philosophy Of The Negative And Positive P’s” will really help you build momentum. It will help […]


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