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There is a bit of a back story as to how we got here, but first, welcome to the first ever JKL Solo episode. I trust these will really help you own those big dreams! Creating solo episodes is something that I have been putting off creating for over a year now.

Not just because of procrastination, but because I didn’t fully believe in the concept of solo shows when we really want to be sharing great interviews. About a year ago I was chatting with an incredible mentor, Dave Meltzer and he said “Justin I know what you gotta do. Keep making interviews, but boost your algorithm, and connect with more listeners by making solo episodes.”

I loved having him give me advice, but I didn’t really want to listen for four reasons:

  1. I love interviewing people and didn’t want to take time away from that to create on my own.
  2. I didn’t want to confuse you, the community with what the show is, and upset those who love interviews and 
  3. I was probably a bit scared. I don’t like being the expert. I would rather learn from other experts and I just felt that these episodes would be less entertaining to be honest. 
  4. The last thing is, I’ve been creating in the online space for a few years now and I’ve always loved podcasts, but I only really knew podcasts to mean interview shows. We all first learn by mimicking and copying those who created before us. Front of mind for me, are Tim Ferris, and Rich Roll. They do amazing interviews with experts and that’s the only thing I thought a podcast was.

So at the time, Fall of 2021, I simply thank Dave for the advice and moved on with the interview style. Fast forward a full year and I was chatting with another incredible mentor, John Lee Dumas. Just a couple of weeks ago and the very first thing he said was “I have an idea for your show”. When one of the world’s best podcasters says he has an idea that can help you, I listen.

Guess what he said? You got it! JLD said “Don’t overthink it, in between your interviews start creating solo episodes because it will help you create a connection with your community that you can’t do as the interviewer and you have so much great information that can help people, it’s time you own it. Step into a leadership role, and be the main person that leads your community.”

Feedback From JKL Community

At the same time, I also got a lot of incredible feedback from our community in general that shifted my thinking.

Here are a few things people said through DM’s that really helped push me to do these.
I can’t say enough how much it means to have this kind of feedback and insight. Thank you.

  1. Solo episodes will give you a chance to be able to share things in a summarized way that can help people learn how to do something, or achieve a goal that is less random than an interview.
  2. When we listen to interviews, they are good, but we don’t get to connect with you as much. 
  3. I would love to listen to solo episodes between interviews because you’re great to listen too and the things you touch on a little bit about mental health, or goal setting would be good to hear a lot more about.
  4. And finally…. Simply: I am so glad you are going to add solo episodes, I really look forward to listening. 

I always say that helping one person, even a little bit as a creator makes it well worth it. So this really is exciting and in real time, I am coming to the realization that this really is the next step! 

Take The Big Leap

A year ago I wasn’t ready, and maybe I’m still not ready.
But, I do believe in the idea, which is a big difference.
Besides we should always jump before we are fully ready, right?

With that in mind, If you too are thinking of expanding your current pursuits, here is a quick passage from the book “The Big Leap” that can help all of us:

The temptation is strong to remain in your Zone of Excellence; it’s where your addiction to comfort wants you to stay. It’s also where your family, friends, and organization want you to stay. You’re reliable there, and you provide a steady supply of all the things that family, friends, and organizations thrive on. The problem is that a deep, sacred part of you will wither and die if you stay inside your Zone of Excellence. If  we cling to the notion that something’s not possible, then we are arguing in favor of limitations. And if we argue for our limitations, then we get to keep them.” Gay Hendricks

So I do understand where my mentors David, and John are coming from, as well as many of you incredible listeners and I trust that taking the leap into the world of solo episodes will help you get even better at dreaming big, improving your learning skills and achieving your goals. 

Maybe someday we’ll even be able to do an episode called “How to podcast solo” or “Why I love solo podcasting.”
As far as the style of the solo episodes, they will be short and sweet. I think most times between 5 and 20 minutes where we can learn about a specific topic. 

In general, we’ll tackle topics like growth mindset, how to learn, goalsetting and creativity.

I will share behind the scenes of things that I am getting vulnerable and learning about too. 

Right now I’m learning a lot about online business. And in the near future I’m super excited to dive into filmmaking and poetry.

There are a few ways that we will come up with specific topics. My absolute favorite is to have our community, and audience members send me questions through Text, DM’s, Social Comments or Email. We always take a look at the questions you submit and create content.

We’ll definitely have to do a monster episode called “How To Start A Podcast” cause a lot of people ask that already : )

Send In Your Questions

If you have any topics you’d love to discuss on the show, just let us know.

So there ya have it, here is the first solo show, I just wanted to lay the foundation for why these exist and what they will be.

Stay tuned for the next episode where we take a deep dive into what “Just Keep Learning” means, how it came to be, and why living the JKL Mindset is the most important life shift any of us can make.
It can be kind of fun to keep up with this from the beginning, so if you know anyone who may like these style episodes, please do pass it along.

All the best, and remember, Just Keep Learning!


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