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Vitality is needed to dream big. In the last episode, we defined mindfulness and shared 21 quick mindfulness activities you could implement right away to help you live with more vitality. 

I wanted to start with that because it was actionable from day one. But understanding more about your mindset shift is really helpful to make large, lasting changes. 

So today we will dive a bit deeper into the science that helps us make a deeper mindset shift and hear some quick clips from a few gurus in the mindset space that really helps explain what I’m saying.

What Is A Big Dream?

I want you to be able to really, really dream big, and I love this example of what a big dream even is from the author of the book, Dream Big, Bob Goff. Bob calls achieving big dreams, “landing the plane.”

Landing the plane is ……**

It’s nice to have someone like Bob refresh our minds about what it means to dream big, what it means to dream like a kid. But, naturally, the next question is, HOW? Or possibly why can’t I dream like this?

So what gets in the way for most of us when it comes to being able to think up these big dreams though?

You Can’t Be Your Old Self And Dream Big

The title of a Joe Dispenza book is a perfect one-liner for what we’re looking to understand here: “Breaking the habit of being yourself” Once you can dream big, the next step is to believe in that dream, and take action.

Notice how I said the next step is to believe in that dream? Well, that’s because for most of us we don’t actually believe in the dream. And the reason we don’t believe in it is we are so focused on the past, or future that it’s actually getting in the way. We are still living as our old personality.

Mel Robbins doesn’t an incredible job of describing a few of the ways this shows up in our day-to-day life…..**

Live Beyond Circumstances To Achieve Goals

Once you are able to live with mindfulness, your mind will have no choice but to start to unlearn your old personality traits and make way for new ones upon which you can layer those big dreams and goals.

So, the actual next step, if we are to achieve the goal is actually to stop doing the things our old personality used to do. We need to become a new person. Literally, change our personality. 

In interview 29 of JKL, Marcia Wieder, Ted Talker, Author & Founder of Dream University shared with us at least 20 things we can do to own our big dreams. If you havent listened to that episode yet, I think it can have a lot of impact on all of us. One of the things she said was to, “stop telling your story”.

You are not your story. Your story will evolve and will even look completely different to different people, but it’s not something that you need to tell. Sometimes we get so stuck in past beliefs, that we need to decide they are no longer serving us. Move on from past stories by hitting your reset button and living in the moment.

You Either Are, Or Are Not In A Creative State

Something I should point out is that at any given moment, we are either in a state of creativity, learning and mindfulness, or we are not. I like to compare this to what happens when you flip a coin. It lands on heads or tails. That’s it.

When it comes to goal setting, we have one side of the coin which is empowerment, freedom, and deliberate creation. The other side of the coin is control, worry, and judgment.

The thing about the power of now is that it is also binary in any one given moment, either you ARE in alignment with the universe, or you are not. There is no in-between. The coin can’t be half-flipped.

Circumstances Don’t Have To Matter

I love referencing how Viktor Frankl proved that no matter our circumstances, we could flip the coin back to the side of freedom and empowerment, as he described in relation to concentration camps, where no external factors on the planet have the right to make us feel a certain way. Time, environment & our body do not have to impact our mindset.

If we get truly aligned with what we want, with the passions we are pursuing, then all we need to do is build momentum in the moment. The ways in which we get there, all of the “breaks”, good, or bad, are completely beyond our control. The key is to allow the results to flow to us. “DON’T attempt to earn being worthy, or respected in the pursuit DON’T  attempt to quantify, or measure your success Call it spirituality, call it the “secret”, or manifestation.

I just call it “smart”. There is nothing more practical, nor rewarding than relinquishing control over the judgment and the calculations of “success” and instead focusing on simply doing what you love to do.

Why Would We Want To Change?

One of the absolute geniuses in the area of big dreams is John Maxwell. I mean he wrote the book put your dream to the test! And he has a great framework for the 4 steps that lead to people actually making changes, which he calls the four seasons.

When he breaks down these four seasons in which we actually make changes….. *** he says that we change because we feel enough pain that we have to, are motivated by others enough that we are inspired to, or learn enough that we want to, or receive enough that we are able to.

I love how this is essentially the whole idea behind JKL. If we look at the path to achieve a goal in any area, it comes by …..

So how do you become this new person?

Although the value is not in securing the dream, rather in appreciating the journey, I do believe everyone can achieve their big dreams, I have no doubt that is the case for most everyone. But for many of us, something is getting in the way.

One of the best ways to remove these blocks is deep meditation, but Joe Dispenza’s book on the topic is hundreds of pages long for a reason. In a future episode, we can take a deeper dive into meditation, but for now, a great place to start is understanding the science of mindset, and adding some activities that will help you be more mindful.


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