Figure Out Your Dreamblockers

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If Chasing Big Dreams Is Easy, Then What Gets In Our Way?

Life is so fun when we are hunting a big goal, but often something is getting in the way.

Dreamblockers develop throughout the course of our life to make it seem like we don’t have a big dream. 

As kids we had the ability to dream big. Over time things start to get in the way. What are some things that become dreamblockers and how can we quickly work through them?

Do you know your big dream? 

If you know your big dream then you’re getting somewhere. 

But are you certain?

If you don’t know your big dream, then the first step before goal setting, planning, and productivity, should be to figure it out.

The first step to figure it out is to understand what might be getting in the way.

Once we are aware of our dreamblockers and make progress towards eliminating them we can take the steps toward figuring out our big dream.

Either Way, It’s Time To Chill Out

Before we talk about the specific dreamblockers, I want to stress that the answer to all of them is to stop worrying so much. One of my writing heroes is Mark Manson. He wrote the incredibly successful book, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck”. 

*Sidenote, I had the chance to meet with him last spring and he taught me some things I’ll never forget. The reason I bring this up is because we need to apply this “I don’t worry” attitude when it comes to our big dreams. 

Stop putting pressure on the plan. 

Nevermind other people, this is about you! 

Don’t stress the timeline. 

And certainly forget about results!

Make Sure You Don’t Have Any Dreamblockers

We prevent ourselves from big dreams for a variety of reasons.
While this list could be extremely long, here are six of the reasons I see a lot:

1. Thinking

Our imagination is running so wild that we can’t calm down to take patient, consistent action.Learning some calming techniques, perspective and slowing down will lead to patience.

2. Mentors

Well-meaning family, teachers, coaches, friends, or people we don’t know tell us it’s unrealistic. By leaning into people who support us unconditionally we can start to believe in ourselves.

3. Dreams

Not understanding the definition and checklist that makes up a big dream. Checking off the elements that must exist to count as a big dream leads to clarity.

4. Comfort

Settling because we like the safety and comfort we have. Practicing new things quicker than we’re ready for will create optimal stress levels.

5. Doubt

Lacking the required confidence to believe and take action toward progress. Not putting others on a pedestal, because we all start somewhere equals freedom to be vulnerable.

6. Mix
Struggling so much with a combination of these that we’ve lost our imagination all together. Appreciating our potential increases with age allows us to take a step back and brainstorm.

We are no less capable than when we were four years old. We are more capable. Right?

Then why were some of us better at dreaming when we were little kids?
It is fun to reinvent ourselves. 
It is always so much fun to set goals, craft a plan, and take action.

But we can only do this if we are aware of what’s preventing us from dreaming big in the first place. Once we do, our next step becomes figuring out where we currently are.

Thanks for reading. Your pal,
Justin @JustTries 


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