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If you feel like you take one step forward, one step back in your goals, then this episode will help! Ben shares some amazing tricks on how to build a solid mindset to achieve any goal you want.

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Episode Notes

We need to update our phones to the latest operating system and we need to do that with our minds too. If you are someone who feels stuck in life, or on a particular goal, then understanding the wisdom Ben shares in this episode will definitely help. He goes in great detail about improving our mind, body and spirit to align with our goals.

This was a very inspiring conversation. If you listen to this episode and start putting in the work you will definitely make huge progress toward your goals. As a business and transformation coach, Ben focuses on the things that are within our control to give us the greatest chance of success. He is really helpful when it comes to learning to regulate our emotions. 

He tells us a story about the daydream he had that changed his trajectory in life. Envisions his happy family brought about feelings that weren’t aligned with how he felt. From this experience he decided it was time to course correct. 

To keep it simple, Ben works with each person as an individual. He also looks at the big, practical, holistic picture of them as a person. There is no one size fits all answer. He starts by asking what is your goal? Where do you want to go? Does your current belief system align with that destination? If not, then how can we start to bridge that gap?

When it comes to being a life coach you learn so much about how to help other people more effectively. Ben shared a lot of his expertise in the area of coaching. This can help you if you get into coaching anyone else, or applying the principles to your own life. One of the cool concepts Ben shares is how to take a leap of faith make it more simple so it shifts into being a jump of faith, or a step of faith instead.

Ben shares his wisdom on the mind, body and spirit connection. You might understand the physical fitness gym, but do you understand how to go to the mental fitness gym?He also shared how important the language we use is, especially with ourselves. It’s so important to to speak in a way that improves our lives, instead of making them more challenging. The words we use, in our self talk, or when describing our past, or future are a powerful indicator of success.

Plans, purpose, productivity and success are all conscious representations of our unconscious programming.

Ben calls it our “SOS”, a subconscious operating system. This part of our mind and body is very important in laying a foundation for the things that we want in life. Like any operating system, on our phone, or computer, we always need to check to make sure we are fully up to date.

This is a must-listen episode! Ben shares a lot of analogies, such as picturing our lives as a car. He also shares some acronyms that we can use to keep our best life in mind. Hands down this is one of the most action-packed episodes when it comes to helping you with goal setting.

11 Things To Remember When Starting A Business

  1. Remember that your subconscious operating system of your mind, emotions and your words will impact how your conscious progress, goals and success is achieved.
  2. Always strengthen your mental fitness of imagination, voice and intuition.
  3. Find someone who you can lean on, who supports you unconditionally in pursuing your goals. When the going gets tough you’ll need them to pick you up.
  4. Don’t just observe past mistakes and failures. Use them as a learning tool to strengthen your intuition. 
  5. Use the fruit farmer analogy. Make proper progress and the fruit will come. Maintain your soil by surrounding yourself with good people and environments. Keep watering by learning as much as you can about your niche and business. And get enough sun by finding purpose and meaning in the work you do.
  6. Don’t get on the hamster wheel of hustle. Take the time and patience to make sure you are going in the right direction. One step in the right direction is better than a hundred in the wrong direction.
  7. Things can change, but decide on the first direction you want to try. Is it a blog, podcast, YouTube channel, e-commerce store, course creation, subscription, freelance work, newsletter? Pick one to focus on at first.
  8. Once you know the first direction, look at similar business models. Learn from other companies, mentors, or heroes. Learn what they did well, not so well and get ideas from their experiences.
  9. Build a simple, one paragraph business plan and ask for feedback from people who understand entrepreneurship. Make some minor adjustments to the plan based on feedback and then get started asap.
  10. Create your MVP, Minimum Viable Product and bring it to market. Whether it’s your first piece of content, such as a blog post, or the first t-shirt, bring the concept to market, test it, and get more feedback.
  11. Continue to learn and pivot, but always remember that action is the most important thing.

Memorable Quotes

“Maybe the path I’m on was designed by others. It’s not the path that my souls wants to be on.”

“When you’re nervous, focus on service.”

“Are you your own worst critic? Or are you your own best cheerleader?”

“I got laid off at Christmas and that was a tough pill to swallow. But, when one door closes another opens up, we just have to be present to be able to see the other door.”

Guest Bio

Ben Yeh is an entrepreneur, speaker, & business leadership coach. In 2014, a major event changed his life. He reached clarity when he became a parent. At that moment he decided the success and career path he was on wasn’t aligned with his inner world.  He took a leap of faith and became an entrepreneur.

Since then he has built his own successful business and turned his sights toward helping others do the same. His professional, personal and spiritual growth has given him a tremendous wealth of experience and tools to truly understand what you’re going through. No matter what is holding you back from your purpose, the blog, podcast and coaching that Ben provides can bring a lot of value.


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