SemiStupid Just Keep Learning Summary

We talk about David’s comedy videos that earned him millions of followers, his overall brand SemiStupid and self-help, personal development stuff he loves.

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Episode Notes

It started out with some audience-submitted questions that actually opened up some cool conversation. We learned things like favorite quotes, books, and movies that he enjoys. We also got pretty deep talking about Ninja Turtle characters and how we are all best represented by one of them.

We talked about clout chasers and why David was willing to come on JKL even though our show isn’t huge (yet). It lead to a really good conversation about values and why we collaborate as creatives.

Semistupid is a big fan of TV and movies, so we probably brought up about a hundred different shows, or stories throughout the episode. Some really interesting wisdom, and discussion came from these examples.

Listening to the journey that David went on as a creator is pretty cool. He started with a passion for filmmaking at a young age. But there was no real way to share his projects before social media became more popular.

Old cameras, purely for the creative, was where he got started. That’s changed a lot now that he has created a ton of viral content across social media.

Self-Help And Success For Creatives

The lifestyle around his creative life also went through transformations. He went from random videos as part of a creative partnership to building the brand Semistupid more as a solopreneur. He built better personal habits, daily routines and started to learn about building a business around his passion. 

I think our conversation about success was really interesting. A lot of people see the actual content that is shared on our pages. What they don’t see is all of the work that goes into it. People don’t appreciate the routine, systems and habits. The fact that David built Semistupid for like ten years before finding fame. There is so much that you don’t see from your favourite creatives. 

This could be depressing, but taken the right way it should be refreshing. Build patient, five to ten year goals and start crafting daily habits toward that vision. Love the process and great things will happen. 

We didn’t really go into the micro of filmmaking and content creation. Instead of how to make a video, we got more into how to succeed as a creator. How can you monetize and live off of your passion? How long will it take? What kind of lifestyle will you live as a creative entrepreneur.

The self help, personal development and productivity topics that we discussed was a pleasant surprise. For example, David is a great example of someone who actually maintains a solid morning ritual routine.

We also hear a lot of awesome ideas for maintaining mental health as a creative and how to live that good life. David also shares many of the book resources that helped him become successful. Hope you enjoy and if you do, please pass it along to someone else. 

11 Things To Keep In Mind As A Content Creator

  1. You can do many things in life, but can’t do everything. Discovering your one thing at this moment in your life and focusing on it is really important.
  2. Create content because you truly enjoy it, and because you have values, or a message to share with your potential audience.
  3. Select one platform to focus on primarily, and then cross post to the others. Focus first on the one that connects you to the medium and audience you are most aligned with.
  4. Upload as much quality content to as many platforms as possible for you. That may be once a week to one platform. It may be 50 times per day to six platforms, but do what works best for you.
  5. Pick a name, hashtag, or brand that speaks to your values and what you stand for. But also that is available in the marketplace across the various platforms.
  6. Don’t be too big for anyone. But also don’t see your self as too small either. We aren’t above, or below each other, we are all creators.
  7. Collaborate with accounts similar in size. Sharing audiences can be a really good growth hack. But don’t hold out for bigger accounts. Work with other comparable creators and keep building your network.
  8. Develop habits that improves other areas of your life. Be sure to use a schedule, read, exercise, eat healthy, sleep well and do more activities that bring you vitality.
  9. Continually improve the systems that make your process more efficient. Most importantly build systems that increase your time and freedom.
  10. Develop a long term mindset. Anything worth achieving might take you 5, 10, 20 years, but if you know that’s the goal, then keep going. And if you want it, you will achieve it.
  11. It doesn’t need to be your big passion to be successful. That word is over used. You might be passionate about golf, or travel but not want to monetize those things. Find something you want to monetize that is enjoyable enough, that you will push yourself to succeed no matter what, but that you can monetize.

Memorable Quotes

“You gotta remember, the Ninja Turtles were teenagers. Like for Raph, his mature self will have tamed the beast, and been a very wise person, just gotta give him some time.”

“I think a lot about memento mori, the idea that we are all going to die soon, that none of this is permanent, and it helps me with daily gratitude.”

“I don’t see myself as above anyone. Or below anyone.”

“Don’t set a timeline. If I gave up after three years no one would have heard of me. So, I basically got into it with the attitude, however long this takes, I’m going to make it work. Even, 10, 20, 40 years, I’ll be an old man trying to make videos pop.”

“Really think about what you say and what you do before you do it or say it. And if it’s going to make you happier or a better person and those around you do it, if not, don’t do it.”

Guest Bio

David Brubaker Aka Semistupid is a short video content creator, filmmaker and brand owner. He started the lifestyle brand Semi-stupid, which is also the guise that her creates his comedy under.

Like most creative entrepreneurs, he has worked a number of traditional jobs, pivoted into video creation and marketing for other people and then started making more content for himself. His attitude that it may take twenty years, but this is what I want to do with my life is definitely a big reason for his success.

He is now best known for sketch comedy shorts across social media. His Youtube channel bio states “Welcome to Semistupid. We are here to make you laugh, hopefully.” If that’s not straightforward enough I don’t know what is.

Instagram – @Semistupid
TikTok – @Semistupid 
YouTube –SemiStupid


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