Jessica Woo Just Keep Learning Summary

Jessica teaches us about virality on social media, how to be yourself as a content creator, and finding balance while you grow a following.

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Episode Notes

Being multi-passionate would be an understatement for Jessica. We learned that she paints, does makeup, fashion, loves business, martial arts, marketing and of course, making lunches!

Known as the Bento Box Queen, her “mommy makes lunches” style videos go viral, and as you’ll hear, that created a lot of attention. She’s continued to build a big following from that attention and turn it into a pretty big brand.

A great lesson for any pursuing dreams, is that Jessica did not expect lunches to be her main thing. She was simply documenting, and hitting share. She actually made many videos, of all different styles, prior to finding success in the cooking and food space. 

It’s a great thing to remember. Keep creating, sharing and you never know when something great will come from it, as long as you get a bit better each day. Jessica is an inspiration for the modern content creator, because she simply shares what she loves doing.

Create Around What You Love

Jessica is such an incredible example of how a one person business can start out small, and organic overtime. When that viral moment comes it creates exponential success and could become your full time thing. She also focuses on making sure that you actually like what you create, because if you don’t then it’s not worth it.

It was really interesting how a university degree in marketing was boring to her. Jessica also is an amazing example of transferable skills. Her learning has compounded over time to build a powerful personal brand.

It could be her journalism background that helped her get comfortable on camera. Perhaps her art expertise that allows her to create brand tones that speak to people. She really does put it all together in crafting success.

The way she creates is truly motivational as well. She uses no excuses, as a mom and partner, she doesn’t have a lot of downtime, but she manages it really well. She finds the most efficient ways to still create great content without overthinking, or over producing.

We are really aligned on the mindset she has around creating even if you have zero followers. She talked about leaving a legacy, so that even if she never had a follower, her kids could see what she created, learn her recipes and have a visit with mom. The other thing that’s super cool is she probably gives back to other creators and props up “small” creators as much as anyone.

14 Tips For Becoming A Viral Video Creator

  1. Mostly you have to make the content. Every aspect of the next bunch of steps will improve by making the content and publishing it. You will learn for yourself what works, what doesn’t work, and all of your own tips and tricks.
  2. Don’t just put out garbage, but focus on quantity over quality, because attention spans are so short for the majority of people today. And, it’s a lottery game. The more content you put out the more chances of you creating something that resonates and hits the jackpot. It might take a thousand videos until you get the one that one to finally go viral.
  3. Find the style and way that makes sense for you. If it is off camera, then do that, dancing, or not dancing, whatever works for you.
  4. Because platforms are starting to use more of an interest graph, instead of follower counts, means that creating around a topic, or theme, even if you have a small following can go viral, or trend and change your life.
  5. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into one, very specific niche. You can increase clarity and brand awareness by doing very focused things, but make sure it is what you love to share and that you have a way to share the other things you love as well.
  6. You don’t have to be fancy. When it comes to creating, use what you have. If you don’t have lights, be by the window. You don’t need a microphone, or camera because phones are so good these days. You can record in a closet if you have kids running around, or go for a quick walk and make something. It’s fine to build up to a studio, lights, cameras and blocks of creative time, but you probably won’t start there.
  7. If you have the capacity, or money to be on all platforms with quality, and create both short, form and long form content, then in theory doing everything is always the best plan. But that is rare. Most of us should really focus on one style and one platform to grow at first.
  8. You should be on all platforms at least as a profile. But, you don’t need more than a profile, with a few base level posts. And then focus on one platform for a significant period of time, or growth. Focus on a platform for a year, consistently and crosspost to the others.
  9. Pick the style and platform of your personal choice, it is your art that you are sharing. Do you want to do quick, vertical, face on, political rants, or would you rather long produced, edited, documentaries? Whatever you want to make that is authentically you is what you should create.
  10. Don’t overthinking publishing either. Push the content out. You don’t need a scheduler, or a regimen. You don’t need regular plans, scripts, or timelines. You don’t even need to be super regular, but you should be as consistent as possible. Basically, just hit send, ship your work and push the content out as much as you can.
  11. Don’t underestimate the power of community when growing a following. It is reciprocal, give and take, but mostly give attitude that will make you a part of different groups and sub groups on topics that you share about, which will continue to grow your network, and brand while connecting with others.
  12. If you watch a video, like it and comment on it. Supporting others can be a really good way to give back, but also makes sure you are always a part of all aspects of a social media platforms ecosystem. 
  13. Figure out what to keep private and what to share when it comes to your social media, influencer life. Everyone is different, but make sure that what you share is aligned with your actual values, and that you don’t do things just for the numbers.
  14. If you do film family style content, and you have kids make sure that you are looking out for them. Don’t share things they may regret and can’t give consent to, and don’t ever pressure them to create. Let them decide what they want to share, and when they want to make something. If they don’t want to do not force them into anything, even a little bit.

Memorable Quotes

“A lot of people try to go viral, just for the sake of going viral. You should keep creating around the things you enjoy to do, so that when you do go viral you can continue doing those things.”

“The first time I went viral, in that year I had made over 500 videos. You have to put in the work.”

“Just be yourself. No one is like you. So that will make you stand out, by just being yourself and who you are, because no one is you and people will appreciate the real you.”

“You got to stop thinking and just do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just be like, hey, like, literally just do it. I think your best self comes out when it’s literally just you doing it out of nowhere, you know, like no pre-planning.”

Guest Bio

Sulhee Jessica Woo is a creator from Las Vegas, who originally lived in Los Angeles. She is best known as the Bento Box Queen. On social media, she is well known as Jessica Woo, with the handle Sulhee Jessica. 

She shares content related to healthy, balanced meals and other lifestyle content. Her most viral work to date has been sharing what she does to pack kid lunches. But she also shares about her other learning passions, art, and being a mom. 

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