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Brendan teaches us why it is valuable to grow a huge audience and the best practices for growing a community of millions of people.

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Episode Notes

Brendan brought some tremendous wisdom to this conversation. Many articles refer to him as worlds best “growth hacker”. But in this interview, we hear why that often has a negative connotation and the way he really views his work. Essentially, he builds systems that help people achieve their business growth and marketing objectives in the shortest amount of time possible.

When asked what his thoughts were on building revenue streams vs creative when first starting out as an entrepreneur, he asked “if you were paid no money, would you still do it?” It’s so important to understand what your goal is when deciding what to work on next. Start by asking yourself, why do you want to do this? Do you actually want to?

We got into the idea of building a foundation for being a business owner by understanding that question and more. There were two very consistent themes of this episode. 

Two Keys To Success In Life & Business

First off, if you want to have business and financial success, all you have to do is solve people’s problems. Get better at problem-solving. It really is that simple, if you get better at finding solutions to things that others struggle with and you continue to improve your ability to provide a solution then you will never have to worry about money.

Secondly, everything comes down to communication. Your ability to sell your solutions is a perfect example. How do you let people know that you could really help them? Conflict resolution, leadership and collaboration all yield positive business and social media results. And each one of these topics result from good communication. So if you were to focus on a skill to improve, communication is always a good one.

Brendan shared what he learned from working with social media stars like Taylor Swift, Jay Shetty and Prince EA. He tells us how first off it is very possible to start from scratch and build a massive following. But, it comes down to developing the ability to create a one to one connection with your audience. Many people think it’s a one to many platform and that is where they go wrong. 

We got into some great conversations about how to create hookpoints to grab attention in the first few seconds of a piece of content. We also discussed a few different ways you can make money from a social following. Brendan is by far one of the most well rounded, experienced leaders in the industry of online, social media-driven business and it is a great episode to learn from for sure.

10 Helpful Business Tips

  1. Start with mindset. Learn where stress and anxiety come from and put strategies in place that work for you to build this mental foundation. Or else you will not succeed. 
  2. Don’t start a business just be cause you like the idea, or you see someone else doing it. You should have your own reason for starting that model and a purpose that drives you to keep going.
  3. Find a mentor that can provide you some specific expertise, help push you to be your best and be there to listen in the tough times.
  4. The first business specific step is to start with a problem in the world that you can solve. Always start there. Ask yourself, what problem do you see in the world around you that you have, or are motivated to find a solution for? 
  5. Understand that everything comes down to communication. Sales, content creation, marketing, conflict resolution, leadership, and collaboration are all about communication. Keep improving communication and you will succeed.
  6. You don’t need traditional sales, you can build marketing content and focus on service without ulterior motives and if you provide solutions for people they will simply want to consume your content, hire you, buy your product, without you having to talk them into something.
  7. Focus on building leverage by creating social media content that serves, not sells, your audience. Help them achieve goals through your content. Being selfless at the top of your funnel so to speak will lead to good connections, referrals and brand leverage as your following becomes bigger and more loyal.
  8. Study the top content marketing leaders in your industry (not the outliers). Determine what they are doing to reach your audience? What do they do well that you can borrow?
  9. In every interaction try to understand who somebody is, how they see the world, what they want to achieve, what are the greatest challenges to achieving that, and then provide solutions. 
  10. Before you pour gas on the fire of content creation and marketing, figure out what type of content you can create that people want to share. Once you figure out what people want to share, then scale that as much as possible. 

Memorable Quotes

“I am only successful because I identify people’s problems and I provide them with a solution to solve that problem.”

“Everything comes down to communication. Sales, content creation, marketing, conflict resolution, leadership, and collaboration are all about communication.”

“I don’t technically sell. People come to me with a problem and I connect them to a solution. Sometimes it’s something I personally have to offer, sometimes it’s not. I connect them to the best resource I can think of to solve that specific problem.”

“I go into every meeting, every interaction trying to understand who somebody is, how they see the world, what they want to achieve, what are the greatest challenges to achieving that, and then, ok, this is how I would solve that, and people come back to want to work with me. If you do that with every interaction you will never have a problem making money.”

Guest Bio

Brendan Kane has run digital marketing campaigns for MTV, The NHL Paramount Pictures, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and many other major brands. He is an agency owner helping companies grow no matter their current level. From pre-revenue all the way to the billions. He is also an entrepreneur with various business ventures, memberships, speaking, masterminds and books.

Brendan is also the best-selling author of two books. One Million Followers was a case study of how he grow an enormous following in thirty days. It provides systems and habits you can do to grow a million followers too. And hook point is the more recent book about creating attention-grabbing content to achieve your business goals in this noisy world.

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