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Terrance almost died at his rock bottom. He shares this experience and how he bounced back in his incredible TED Talk “From Broken To Beautiful”. Now he helps himself and others live healthier, wealthier, and more purposeful. We talked about making money online, the value of becoming good at sales, and a framework for anyone can turn their own life around.

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Terrance shared the main points from his TED Talk “From Broken To Beautiful”. There were so many special moments in his life that were filled with adversity which created the leader that he is. 

He shared how addiction is less about a disease, or spirituality struggle and more about a need for true connection. Terrance also shared some of his wisdom around the fact that rock bottom can be such a blessing when you realize that up is the only direction left to go.

Become Great At Sales

Terrance is a very successful business leader and entrepreneur. When asked what one skill he recommends someone new to business should study, he said “definitely sales.”

Sales is a skill that we need no matter what our goal is when we are interacting with people. And it’s something that can make a lot of money if you are good at it. Because any business would love to have people who can make more sales.

It’s also something you can learn for free. On the internet, with A.I. or through books you can learn the knowledge. And then the way to get great is simply to practice.

Terrance shared the key points to remember when we are selling. Like, make sure you have alignment with the product. You must actually believe in what you’re selling. Remember that people buy physiology, emotions and energy, not the information.

Think like a doctor when selling. How do doctors work? They ask questions, and then they present a solution as an expert. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, then you either need more alignment, more knowledge, or more practice.

Authenticity is key. You want to be speaking with certainty and conviction even if you are not one hundred percent sure. Be the voice of calm and reason as you take people from hell, with a problem into heaven, with a solution.

Turn Your Life Around

Terrance shared how books are super underrated. Not only do they increase our status and knowledge, but books give us the free tools to be able to achieve our goals.

He shares a couple of timeless books that will help you turn life around. He also created an incredible offer to give away a book if you have one that you need and can’t afford. 

One of the really intriguing moments was Terrance sharing the difference between rehabilitation and recreation.

We don’t want the ability to rehabilitate ourselves because rehabilitation puts us back to the broken person we were in the first place. Instead, we want to improve our ability to re-create ourselves. How can we actually become a new person? 

The steps are simple. Explore the world for ways in which your should comes to life. What gives you meaning? Once you find it, acquire the skills it takes to work on this project. And start taking action. 

Zoom out five years and ask yourself what does success with this look like? You have the ability to choose new paths, new skills and a new life changing domino that can knock the rest of your dominos over. 

As you start to re-create and reinvent your life a void will appear. Be sure to stay aware of what people, places and things you fill those voids with. Do they map to that new life you want? Decide what tiny actions and habits you need today, that are lined up, like dominos to eventually knock down the big ones.

12 Tips For Building Your Own Brand

  1. Remember that we learn by copying others. Find the leaders in your space that you are drawn to and see if there are things they do that you would like to model your work after. Over time you will find your original voice, but in the beginning, steal from great role models.
  2. Find the map, or blueprint of where you want to go. Someone else has done this, or something similar, so steal their knowledge, wisdom and apply it to your experience.
  3. Build authority and social proof right away and don’t stop. Focus on solving problems for people in this niche day in and day out. Think of it like building a reputation.
  4. Create content to start practicing and sharing that you are a leader in this space. Don’t wait until the end to document the whole process. Be sure and show the building and come up that you are on from the beginning.
  5. From this plan, create some mini habits that are the small dominos you can start knocking over right away.Don’t take on huge changes, just little habits that keep you aligned with the purpose you feel.
  6. Decide on the tools that you will need to be successful and start acquiring as many as you can.
  7. Learn to focus on one thing at a time by evaluating your priorities. If something yields a greater return for your success then you should focus your time and energy there.
  8. Learn and then practice the skills that you need to achieve your goal.
  9. Find a guide that has been there before and who can help support you and keep you pointed in the right direction while you work your way along the journey.
  10. Once you have a vision and direction, make the decision to be the new person you want to be. How does that person walk, talk and act? Who do they hang around with? What do they eat and how do they live?
  11. Focus on being resourceful, instead of worrying about what you don’t have, focus on what you can get access to.
  12. Always believe in the product, or service you offer because it’s important that you speak with conviction to ensure that your solution is helping the right people.

Memorable Quotes

“We don’t have an unlimited amount of shots we can take in life, we probably have four or five good ones.”

“If you wake up five years from now and you’ve accomplished something that woke up your sole and woke everybody else up in the process, what did you do?”

“Once you get started you’re halfway done.”

“Don’t try for massive change right away. Line up one small domino and build momentum. Want to get in shape? Don’t go to the gym everyday, do one pushup. Want to eat healthy? Don’t go on a super strict diet, just eliminate coke.”

“The bamboo tree grows underground for five years before it shows any signs of life and then it comes out of nowhere and shoots up eighty feet in two or three weeks.”

Guest Bio

Terrance McMahon is a business leader and entrepreneur. He is the author of four books, including the best-seller Superhero Self: How To Recover From Anything. His TEDx Talk, Broken to Beautiful: An Algorithm to Recreate Yourself, has over 100,00 views. His podcast has over 500 5-star reviews. He is also the founder of the Re-Create App.

In 2016, Terrance McMahon was sitting in a hospital room dying from liver failure. Doctors said he had 90 days to live and that his chances of finding a match for a liver transplant in time were slim. So slim that it wasn’t until the end of his 90-day death sentence that a liver from a young prisoner in Alabama was deemed a match.

Given a second chance at life, Terrance decided to recreate himself from a multi-millionaire morbidly obese, alcoholic CEO to a healthy and sober business coach, speaker, podcaster, bestselling author, and mentor. 

Today, he’s living the life he’s always dreamed of — and he’s doing it while helping others and on his time. 


Instagram – @Terrance.mcmahon 
TikTok –@terrancemcmahon 
Facebook –terrancemcmahonbrands 
Website –Terrancemcmahon.com


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