Adversity, Coaching And How To Manifest Your Goals

Luke’s core message is “be the leader in your own life” and he definitely practices what he preaches. He is a business coach who helps people set larger goals and achieve them. But he also builds his own life on a foundation of self-care, health, family and relationships.

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Be Efficient With Your Goals

Luke shared one of his hacks for building skills more efficiently. Find ways to get paid for improving skills that help you with your bigger vision. They don’t have to be directly tied to the long-term goal. For example, he is an actor because it helps with confidence on camera and networking.

Every goal is built on transferable skills. How can you leverage your current work, schedule and downtime to practice skills that are in line with your bigger desire even if you aren’t there yet?

When it comes to setting goals be sure to build on a foundation of the lifestyle you want. It’s ok to mimic and copy others actions to reach success, but when it comes to the lifestyle you build that’s a personal need. Be sure to set goals that fit with your own lifestyle goals so that you will keep going when times get tough.

Finally, you won’t reach the next level alone. Don’t wait to seek help. No matter what evel you’re at, collaborating and leaning on others is helpful. So, have the courage to ask questions, get noticed, and be a person that people want to be around.

Getting Into Personal Development

We talked about the path that Luke took to go from wondering what to do in life to becoming a top coach in the industry.

Luke opened up about his sister’s battle with addiction that led him to focus on personal development and being as perfect as possible to avoid going down that path himself.

This seemed like a “good thing” at the time. But, Luke shared about the life changing moment he had at a Tony Robbin’s event that allowed him to understand it a bit better. He realized that he had a lot of personal work to do first in order to succeed in business. 

Growing up entangled in her struggles as a heroine addict, he held onto a lot of blame, anger and hatred toward. He knew he had to heal and apologize to his family.

As difficult as these experiences were, it built his character and empathy that he can apply to working with clients.

How To Be A Great Coach

Luke shared the difference between coaching and teaching. When teaching we have a script, or prescription of curriculum. When coaching, there are always unique, contextual, individual problems to solve. 

Coaching is much more about questions than answers. Guiding and supporting people while they craft questions and search for their own answers. Using honesty and transparency to help people figure things out on their own is key to coaching.

Any great coach is able to come at life questions from a place of love and compassion. It’s not enough to simply lead, but we need to actually build trust. The coach, client relationship is the foundation, not fear-based, external factors

Make sure your clients are also building on a foundation of relationships, family, and their own health first. Don’t just dive right into their top of pyramid goals. Without the foundation nothing is sustainable.

Finally, everyone has strengths. Sometimes life has really crushed their confidence and they feel like they have no skills. But starting with uncovering strengths can have exponential impact at the beginning of a coaching relationship.

14 Tips To Use Manifestation To Get What You Want

  1. Use your time intentionally.
  2. “Create your own luck” by staying true to you and opening your network to helpful people.
  3. Don’t just shoot for things like money, understand what will bring you true meaning and vitality.
  4. Set the intention and through the ups and downs never stop working at it.
  5. You can start for free just by searching for content related to mindset, and manifestation.
  6. Follow the blueprints. There are great authors who create for this audience as well, like Joe Dispenza.
  7. Cut back, or stop altogether wasting time watching content, news, and social media that doesn’t fuel your mind.
  8. Commit one to two hours per day to intentional, focused mindfulness.
  9. Reduce physical and mental clutter by minimizing as much as possible.
  10. Cut negative influences and people from taking up your energy.
  11. If we leave our thoughts in default mode we will always stay the same as yesterday. Nothing will change. So step one is becoming aware, not judging, just being aware of the negative thoughts we have.
  12. Become intentional about your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. Each day get them more in alignment with what you want instead of going through the motions.
  13. Then you want to decide what person do you “not want to be”? How does that person think, what do they believe and feel?
  14. Now decide “who do you want to be”? As much as you can reflect, in as deep a state as possible on becoming that person. Using what they think, believe, and feel play a movie in your mind of this person. Envision you as the hero in your movie. Do it as much as possible, and as intensely as possible.

Memorable Quotes

“I’m so sick of seeing all these leaders in the business space who have ruined the rest of their lives. Why can’t we bloody have it all?” 

“It’s not about being perfect. It’s simply about deciding that you are not neglecting this important area of your life.”

“Let your heart out. If you block it then you’ll end up in the wrong places.”

“You’ve obsessed over stupid shit, like the things you are not good at, for 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years of your life. What if instead of obsessing over the things you don’t want, you started obsessing over the things you do want?”

Guest Bio

Luke Page is a mindset and business coach. He helps 6 figure client driven business leaders by teaching them how to develop their mindset, market and sell on social media.

His personal philosophy is simple. “Grow a successful business while staying healthy on the inside and out, be a great mum/dad/partner, be a good person and have heaps of fun along the way.”

He has a mission to improve the landscape for struggling business owners. And he wants to make sure that people succeed with their career related goals while still building a foundation on what matters most in life.


Instagram – @luke_page 
LinkedIn – Luke Page


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