Hip-Hop, Personal Development, And Chasing Your Dreams

Joe Dreamz believes in the power of art, music, dance, and content to help everyone live their dreams. We talk about personal development, how he got into content creation and how you can get started living your own goals in life.

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Growing Up

Joe Shared the challenge of growing up in a primarily white neighborhood. We talked about the importance of finding your tribe and being a part of a community that you feel you belong to.

In this case, similar to how we feel about JKL, Joe talks about the “Live Joe Dreamz” community as a place where he finally feels he belongs. 

For that reason, he’s doubling and tripling down on building as big a community as possible. The vision for the community is simply a world where everyone lives their big dreams.

Just Believe In Yourself

Being a content creator, filmmaker, and hip-hop artist with an important message, Joe had to take a leap of faith toward a creative career. He shared that increasing your creative confidence by thinking less and creating more, will work out if you believe in yourself.

This style and value came out of a silver lining moment he had in the studio. Joe tells the story of booking studio time last minute which led to free styling and creating some of his best work on the spot. This also led to future production being more efficient, and unlocked a world of future creativity and speed in creating content.

It all comes down to trusting in the process. Just make the next thing, then the next and the next. Don’t stress, or worry about results.
Joe took his own leap of faith to start street performing, and freestyling. This is well documented as he performs on the street outfront of Padres games. 
His most viral video in fact took place in New York at a Padres Playoff game. The video showing a fan assaulting him has been shared around the internet hundreds of millions of times.

Obsessed With Personal Development

Joe Dreamz as a brand was built after he was introduced to the world of personal development. A friend connected him to a mentor who brought him to his first conference. 

At the conference was speaker Robert Kiyosaki, author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. His talk opened up a whole new world for Joe as he learned about the concept of self-help. 

He became obsessed with the idea of personal development. He read a ton of books and consumed as many resources as possible that would help him understand the world of success. 

He knew that spreading these concepts to other people who have no idea that they exist was going to be part of his life’s work. But, trying to share these ideas with friends, or family was a struggle. It’s not as exciting, or engaging as mainstream media. 

And so, Joe Dreamz was born. The combination of personal development and the arts, to create edutainment that helps people learn and see out their own goals in life.

7 Tips To Help You Live Your Dreams

  1. Trust that you can do it the way you want to do it.
  2. Figure out “your” perfect. What level is the best balance of being ready to share, but doesn’t take so long to make that it keeps you from creating your next piece?
  3. Maintain the mindset that we can always turn trash into treasure. 
  4. If you do what most people do you will get what most people get. 
  5. Life is happening for you, not to you. Everything we experience is for us. So when an event takes place in our lives, it’s helpful to ask, what could I gain from this, or at least, what can I learn from it?
  6. Find out who the successful people in your field are. Study what they do that sets them apart, decide what you can copy from them and what you can do that is unique to set you apart. Combine those things with consistency and continue to put them into practice over time.
  7. Always take moments to pause. Don’t rush to answer something, take action, or talk. Figure out the best balance of action versus feedback and planning. You don’t want to procrastinate, but you do want to move with a sense of patience and calm.

Memorable Quotes

“When someone poops in your comment section, you can poop back, or you can use that to come up with something playful, or to win them over.” 

“The live your dreams cause has been around since the beginning of human time, so I’m just the founder of the company that wants to spread this message as far as possible.”

“Something that is small, but practical and can have a big impact for people over time, is taking a moment to pause, to just pause and think before we act, or speak.”

Guest Bio

Joe Dreamz is a musician, speaker, and content creator. He has an old-school message of personal development, and chasing your dreams. He combines this life philosophy with a new school sound through hip hop and filmmaking.

Joe Dreamz is a breath of fresh air in the music industry because he focuses on purpose and creativity first.

Before rapping, Joe worked dead end job after dead end job and lacked a sense of purpose. But he realized the window to his Dreamz was slowly closing so he decided to take a leap of faith. Now he inspires others to do the same. 

He can do an even better job by building the business brand, so it’s important we all know his name. And “don’t forget the z”. 


Instagram – @Joedreamz
TikTok – @joedreamzmusic 
YouTube – JoeDreamz


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