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Networking, Business, and Social Media

We can all find success by using what we have at our disposal at any given time. To be honest that’s the only way. But Myke gives a great example of this sharing how he got started with no cell phone, worked his way up to a little cheap one and eventually on to better creator tools. 

But a lack of resources never held him back from becoming a great content creator and eventually business owner.

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We talked about creativity, personal branding and living your core values. We discussed how Myke got into content creation, digital marketing and ultimately becoming a leader in business. And he shared some incredible tips on networking and the entrepreneurial mindset.

Our interview was full of incredible advice on achieving your goals, regardless of the industry. Myke shares incredible analogies and strategies for building confidence, so that you can live the life you want to live. 

For example, reminding us that we are the only ones holding ourselves back. Or the incredible notion that we can still cut through a tree with a dull axe. It might take longer, but once we get there no one can debate we’ve done it.

11 Tips To Be Great At Networking

  1. Replace the word networking with “build relationships” in the same way you would think about dating.
  2. If you want to be associated in a different circle, then you have to have the courage to associate yourself with that circle first.
  3. Imagine it’s just a game and you have to put forward a case in a year, or two from now as to why you should be viewed as a credible figure in a particular category.
  4. Understand the fundamental truth that people simply want to stay connected to people that they are simply interested in staying connected to, there are no “tricks, or hacks”.
  5. Buidling a network of people will lead to a compound effect.
  6. It’s not so much about exchanging business cards, random contact info, it’s about building a reputation on brand and trust.
  7. The gift of gab is underrated. Listen well and make genuine connections that last in people’s memory because you are engaged in learning from them.
  8. Allocate your connecting time to engaging in ways and with people that you are genuinely interested in.
  9. People are naturally more inclined to pay attention when they hear their own name, or things specific to them, so don’t worry about yourself when connecting with people.
  10. Don’t have overthink a “niche” but be sure to create credibility where people confidently know you for something or things.
  11. Be professional and never stop improving your listening and communication skills.

9 Parts Of An Entrepreneurial Mindset

  1. Strive to make sure you’re never the smartest person in the room.
  2. Reaching our potential begins with striving to get clarity, and continuing to make progress.
  3. Compare yourself in a healthy way by asking “Who am I? Who is someone similar to who I aspire to be? And what does that person have, or do that I could learn from in my own way?”
  4. Try to be more uncomfortable and incompetent to just the right amount. 
  5. Find the balance of creating things you love, so that you will overcome the low points, but also that is proven to gain traction for an audience.
  6. Strive toward crazy dreams and the business leader you want to be.
  7. Remember there is no excuse for not getting started if you truly want it.
  8. Focus on building confidence, connections and overcoming procrastination by building habits and systems.
  9. Keep going.

Memorable Quotes

“Create content you’d be happy with even if no one else saw it.”
“Don’t attach your self-worth to views, or likes.”
“It doesn’t take money to make money in a grassroots fashion.”
“Nobody enjoys being seen by others at the beginning, but it’s worth overcoming that ego to take the first step.”
“Be blissfully ignorant and naive to keep putting in the work toward the vision that you have.”
“Be authentic by serving your audience, but not at the sacrifice of yourself.”

Guest Bio

Myke Metzger is an American entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He was born in Long Island, New York in 1989. Myke was featured as one of “The Top 10 Most Influential People of 2018” by Entrepreneur Magazine. He has been featured on MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal, FOX, CBS, ABC, Silicon Valley Business Journal, The CW, and more. 

Myke is a well known digital marketing consultant that works with influencers, athletes celebrities, and companies. He is the CEO and Founder of “Stoqd”, a Top 100 branding agency on the east coast. He is also CEO of BRWLRZ, a fight game media company. Both ventures reach success by focusing on 3 things: world-class sites, social media presence, and digital advertising campaigns.

Myke has shared the stage with some of the top high-performance entrepreneurs in the world. He’s also worked as an influencer with nationally recognized brands such as Cash App and Fiverr. With his talent for content creation, he helps these brands promote their products and services to his own audience.


Instagram –@mykemetzger 
YouTube – Myke M Youtube 
LinkedIn – @mykemetzger


Business, Entrepreneurship, mindset, Social Media

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