Channeling Trauma Into Entrepreneurship & Going Live

The incredible journey of dealing with trauma, being a young parent and putting her energy into building a business and legacy. Sri shares tips for dealing with life challenges, starting your own business and learning to go live.

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Trigger Warning. This is an episode that gives you those Holy Sh*t moments. If it is too difficult for you to hear talk of trauma, then it may be too difficult for you to listen. 

While it is important to learn from people who have survived difficult times, it can also be too much for some people to hear. 

But if you can listen this episode is extremely valuable.

Working With Trauma

Sri found her brother murdered at 14. She was only 11 years old. 

She shares that she faced many challenges afterward that she believes were partly because she never dealt with that trauma. Sri has a powerful voice from being a young mother and a survivor of sexual abuse.

She reminds us through her own story that once we start to work on ourselves, it will actually benefit those around us. How if we go deep and lean into our pain, then we don’t have to hold onto it anymore.

Finding Your Business Path

Sri’s daughter lost her father and there was no legacy left behind. This opened her eyes to the fact that we can be here one moment and gone the next.

When this happens, what are we leaving behind for our kids?

Sri realized she wanted to build a legacy for the next generation. This is one of the reasons she became an entrepreneur. She also wanted to help other people build businesses as a way of owning their true self. 

And one of the first steps she takes to do this is telling people to audit their influences. Who are you hanging around with? How are you spending your time? What content do you consume? What podcasts, books, vlogs and blogs are you learning from?

Sri also told us all about the decision to create her main pillar, or hub content as live shows.

15 Reminders For “Live” Business Creators

  1. Audit your influences. Surround yourself with other creators.
  2. Think long term. Remember it takes a while to grow an audience.
  3. Collaboration is underrated. Creating a network effect is key to success.
  4. Continuously get closer and closer to outsourcing things outside of your zone of genius.
  5. Focus on your one thing. Improving going live and growing the business.
  6. Confidence comes and goes. Remember you’ll try to talk yourself out of it. Keep going.
  7. If you can, work for someone else first to see if it’s what you want to do.
  8. Ask non biased, market based questions. Why would someone want to be on the show, listen to this, or buy this product/service?
  9. Your live video needs to sound good. Audio is the most important part of any show.
  10.  Practice interview and conversation skills as an infinite game.
  11.  Be authentic and personal. Being yourself will connect with your audience.
  12.  Commit to a consistent schedule for at least one main show.
  13.  Build a funnel with micro content. Share clips, teasers and mini posts that let people know the value you bring and that they can check out the larger show.
  14.  No excuses. Level up your software and gear over time. But at first use what you have and get started.
  15.  Don’t worry about numbers. If you seek feedback, ask your audience, or people interested in those same topics what might improve the show.

Memorable Quotes

“We should see tough times and challenging life experiences as a ticket that we need to be able to help someone else later on in life.”

“Trauma is a best friend of mine, but at the same time it’s been my worst enemy.”

“College is not for everybody, but it is for somebody.”

“We can create something from nothing. And we don’t need the whole road map. We just have to decide, what is it that we want to do?”

“My marker is always where was I the year before? And where am I today. I’m just always pushing myself to be better than I was the year before.”

Guest Bio

Sri is a video marketing producer. She coaches entrepreneurs to create highly engaging videos that make money for their business. She’s helped hundreds of clients with improving their own business.

Sri is featured in the Top 15 Coaches in Houston Influence. Known for live streaming and marketing content, she is a powerful influence as a personal brand as well. She is a great mentor and also creates a lot of free content for anyone thinking about starting, or improving a live stream show.


Instagram – @nexlevconsulting_sri 
LinkedIn – srimahabir


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