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This episode will help you understand how to create “good enough”. We recently uploaded my conversation with Maya Wieder on how to own your big dreams, and listening back to it reminded me of one of the most important concepts when it comes to taking action toward those big dreams.

The deep understanding of “good enough.

Creating this podcast has taken me from struggling with purpose while working on various side hustles all the way to feeling excited to wake up each day ready to put in the work. No matter what YOUR goals are, I want you to give your self the best chance of achieving them.

If a goal is important to us, and we don’t work toward it, we will pay. Sometimes the body will tell us it’s time to pay. In the form of illness, low energy, headache, sick to your stomach, or pain. Perhaps a sense of anxiety or nervousness is present. You might wake up with a pit in your stomach, or struggle to feel accomplished at the end of the day. In some way, we will pay if we don’t take action toward our greatest dreams.

A “quote-unquote” perfect time will not arrive. You need to let good enough be good enough. It’s important to point out though, that you don’t need to strategize too early. In fact, strategy can often hold us back in the beginning. And there are three main ways that I want you to appreciate when something is “good enough”.

Knowing on a deep level that A. you are good enough. B. your dream is good enough and C. the timing is good enough.

A. You are good enough.

Here’s a fun thing to remember. No one who has what you desire is any better than you. They simply took action and didn’t give up. I love Kanye West as an example of this. If you check out his documentary you will see how many times he was told no, how many people tried to get him to quit, and yet he always knew they were wrong. That if he just kept working he’d show them. And that he did. But this happens on a smaller scale too. Anyone of us can learn to make music,  or write a book. If that’s our dream we need to decide and take the next step. That’s it. 

B. Your dream is good enough.

Comparing dreams, much like comparing success is really not all that helpful. Besides, the size of your goal doesn’t matter. It could be to build a better workout routine, or to win Mr. Olympia. If the goal is yours, then working on it is what matters. I tried so many different goals myself. Fitness, educational leadership, writing, filmmaking, e-commerce, and more. But once I realized that podcasting brought me the most intrinsic value. (Something that I learned over two difficult years of grief.) I unlocked a cheat code to feel grateful and love life.

I was perhaps a decision or two away from giving up on this show, but every time I’d feel like giving up, something else was there to nudge me back on course. *Now there is a huge difference between “good enough” and mediocrity” We don’t want to keep making crap, sure we’ll start there. But one of the mindsets of growth is to be improving our abilities. Unproductive work isn’t worth it. I’d rather you take a nap. So it’s OK to re-evaluate every so often and pivot.

C. The timing is good enough.

There is no perfect time, in fact, there is no best moment to start. “After” or “when” are the most dangerous words we can speak to ourselves. We say “when the kids are in school” or “after I have more savings” or “when I know how to use the camera better” Now here’s a very important distinction, as to when its ok to say “after” (Ryan Holiday Robert Greene example)… But the difference is he did not procrastinate working on it. How to work on it is always up for debate. Working toward it is not up for debate.

The cliche term says the “best day to plant a tree was” blah blah blah, I say blah blah blah because its easy to brush off a saying we’ve heard a million times. So here it is, what is a goal you have? How can you start on it today?

If it’s your most important goal, make sure you start a streak of working on it everyday, and don’t break that streak. No questions asked.

I hope these three things have helped remind you that “good enough” is an important thing to understand. I’d love to see the steps you’re taking toward a goal, or things you’re making so be sure to share with us. In the meantime, have an amazing day! And no matter what, just keep learning.


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