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There are so many things I wish I had done differently when starting a creator business.

I have no doubt in my mind that this podcast would be far more successful if I knew then what I know now. 

But I’m not mad about it. That’s just life. 

And my whole mission is to learn these things so I can pass ‘em on to future clients, or my own kids to give them a head start. 

In that regard, I am well on my way

The Most Common Mistake

There are so many things I would do differently. But many of them don’t matter all that much. 

But there is one specific thing that does make a big difference.

It’s one of those things that has an outsized exponential impact for the amount of time it takes.

It is an absolute game changer, yet it can be summarized really quickly. 

I was reminded of it while listening back to the latest JKL Interview.

(Which you can hear here: JKL Int 57 Joe Casabona)
It’s a great episode, especially if podcasting or the business of being a creator is of interest to you.

I asked Joe the number one mistake he sees creators make and he said hands down, it’s definitely not knowing your “mission.”

Understanding your mission is one of those things that has huge returns. No matter what you want to build.


Focusing On The “Wrong” Things

We almost always get hung up on tools instead of what truly matters. 

I see this all the time with current clients. Spending so much energy on questions like:

What social media platform should I use? What kind of product, or service should I sell? What should the name, logo, or colors of my brand be? What are the best marketing channels? How long should my content be, when, or where should I post it, and what hashtag, or comment strategy should I use? Or how should I edit my content? What email software, or landing page builder is best? 

All of these things are tool based questions.

But the most important question to start with is what is your mission?

Who do you help and how?

I’ll share a couple fill in the blank ways that you can define this, whether you are a podcaster writer, filmmaker or visual artist.

I actually put this information in more detail into a sixty page slideshow that could help you out, maybe I’ll share that soon and go in more detail, but the basics are plenty for now.

Simple Template: 

“I _______ (Value) _______ For ______(Audience)______, So They Can _______.”
For Example:

I Create Nutritional E-Cookbooks For Busy, Professional Parents, So They Can Achieve Optimal Health For Their Family Without Sacrificing Their Careers.


I Host A Solo, Short And Sweet Educational Podcast For New Dad’s So They Can Learn Some Tricks And Avoid Some Mistakes I Made The First Time Around.

Multi Passionate Template:

“_________, _________, And ________ Tips To ______(Benefit)______.”
For Example:
Sleep, Nutrition And Meditation Tips To Help You Live The Goodlife.


Writing, Podcasting, And Mindset Tips To Help You Be The Best Content Creator. 

What Is Your Mission?

Once you understand this, it gets really exciting. Because you will start to create content so much quicker.
The clarity will allow you to feel excited and comfortable about creating as much as you can. 

Without feeling like you’re wasting time.

It’s OK that the specific details of your mission statement will evolve over time. 

In fact that’s a good thing as you get clearer and clearer on who you serve and how you serve them. 

But you can’t go to plan B unless you have plan A.

So what is your mission statement? 
I would love to actually read it, so reply and let me know.
Or if you’re stuck, feel free to ask a question and we’ll get that cleared up : )

Want To Apply For Coaching?

I go super deep and it takes a lot of energy, I only take on a few clients at a time. So it’s always a good idea to be on the waiting list.

Every so often I go to my list of applicants and do some initial clarity calls.

I charge a lot of money for a one-time clarity call, but for potential coaching clients, this call is FREE.

It’s not a 15 minute “chat”. More like 1-2 hours. And it is a deep, powerful, life changing coaching session.

The goal of this session is to identify your big dream, what’s getting in the way, and come up with a plan.

There is no big sales pitch about being a client at the end.

If you want to work together long term AND I feel it would be a positive experience for both of us then I will explain the next steps.

Either it will be a Hell Yes, Or A Hell No!
But no matter what it will be an incredible experience.

If you want to learn more about how and why I specifically coach people one to one,​ check out this article.​

Want To Apply For Coaching?

If you want to explore working together you can apply here.

Justin Nolan JKL Coaching Application Form

Not Ready For Coaching Yet?

I’ve worked with a number of coaches after years of learning from them.

I listened to their podcasts, read their newsletters and read their books.

Years later I had saved up enough money, or worked up the courage to learn from them directly.

One of the best ways I share everything I learn to help you on your journey is in the JKL Newsletter.


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