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Content Creation Leads To Leverage

I have long believed that a very simple rule to career success has been to shift our personality from consumer to creator.
Watch a lot of movies, but also make one. Read nineteen books, but then make the twentieth. 

It’s such a simple shift. 

From spending to selling. 

Yet, it escapes most classrooms and dining room tables when it comes to life lessons that our teachers or parents give us. 

Don’t always consume, be sure to create too! 

I believe so strongly in this statement that whenever I hear stories like a thirteen year old toy review vlogger makes millions, a musician has been given a huge advance to write a book, or a girl who started a website on pop culture sold it for retirement money at the age of 23, I am never surprised at all.

So You Want To Be A Content Creator?

It’s also never a surprise when someone shares with me that they want to be a content creator. 

I hear side hustling adults, teens and children alike share visions for things that they would love to make. 

People love to tell me their dreams. And I love hearing about them.

Today alone I was told that someone wanted to write a book, another one wants to start documentary filmmaking and another one wants to start a podcast.

So the fact that creation leads to success, and the fact that people want to create something never surprises me. 

What does surprise me is how many people never take action.

I’m sure there are a ton of limiting beliefs and productivity challenges that makes people quite. We can discuss that stuff on other episodes, but for now I want to talk about the first thing that keeps us from starting.

Two Questions For New Creators

When we first get into content creation we struggle with two questions:

  1. Clarity of the medium (how to create it?)
  2. Niche, or topic (what to create about?)

You might have an answer to one of these questions, or both, or neither. 

And it can change. Especially when we are multi-passionate 🤯

But let’s find some hints to get you started.

Pick Your Content Creator Medium

A. I see content creation in three buckets when it comes to the medium:

  • Visualization (photo, video, live)
  • Audio (music, podcast, talks)
  • Writing (blogs, newsletter, poetry)

Here are four questions you can ask yourself to figure out what medium to start with. 

  1. Do you have experience in any medium?
  2. Are you inspired by other creators?
  3. If you were to consume in only one medium, which would it be?
  4. When you picture an audience consuming what you create, are they listening, reading, or watching?

A combination of these prompts should hint toward the medium that you might want to start with.

In the rare event that you still don’t have a decision, or gut feeling, just put some mediums in a hat and pick one.

Pick Your Content Creator Topic

B. When it comes to the topic it can be a bit more confusing. Eventually you will want to be known for something unique. 

But at first, there is no need to worry about validation, target audience, or competition. 

In the beginning, we want to create anything based on these four questions:

  1. What interests do you naturally gravitate towards?
  2. What things do you have experience with?
  3. Do you see examples of niches you vibe with?
  4. What creative questions resonate with you? 

Combine your answers from A (Medium) & B (Topic) to start creating your first piece of hub content! 

Aright, there ya go, nothing left but creating! 

Now that you know what you want to make, just get out there, create and publish!

Oh, and tag us so we can re-share for ya!

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