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3 Really Simple Tips To Help You Slow Down And Feel Freedom

If you have a big dream already, great, all you need to do is continue to take action, pivot, and keep going.

And, if you don’t have a big dream yet, that’s ok too. It will take us a while to figure it out, but it’s so much fun and there is no rush.

I know many of us feel “stuck”.
People often use this term, “stuck” to describe how they feel.

They feel they’re too comfortable or playing it safe.

We feel this way, comfortable, or safe, because that’s simply all we have come to know. Our routines, our energy, and our goals have become super familiar, maybe even boring.

But it’s important to remember, this is no safe way to live. If we put our dreams on the backburner we will regret it, which is far from safe, and definitely not going to be comfortable.

The good news is, the very feeling of “stuck” is actually a great thing!

Why Is Feeling Stuck A Great Thing?

Do you feel stuck? If you do, then I have some good news for you.

The very idea of being stuck is a myth. It is an illusion. The reason is, becoming aware that there is more you would like to do in life is really the first step to getting there. It’s actually the first forward-moving step you can take. So, if you feel “stuck” then congratulations, you’ve started moving.

The reason people still feel like they aren’t moving even if they’ve made this self-discovery is that they are not yet taking action toward a specific goal.

So the second step becomes figuring out what the heck you want to take action toward.

But, much like quicksand, the key to getting out is counterintuitive.

We need to slow down in order to speed up.

Move At Your Optimal Speed

In order to make changes in life. To set goals or dreams. We need to be able to pay attention.

The big dreamer inside you does exist.

Like a statue covered in dirt, your dreamer may be hidden. Remove the dirt and the statue will start shining again. We remove the dirt simply by slowing down enough to start paying attention to our unique, personal desires.

But, we can only pay attention if we move at an optimal speed. If we proceed at the right pace.

In order to figure out where we want to go, we need to start moving in a state of flow. There is an optimal creative speed for figuring this life stuff out, which like everything else, there is a unique speed for each of us.

Our motion in life is somewhere on a continuum.

On one end of this continuum, we have running around too fast, busy and distracted.

On the other end, we are going through life like a zombie, bored, wandering, slowly through repetitive motions.

Three Quick Ways To Slow Down

Slowing down to calm our mind and find our personal creative pace is the first step to redefining our goals and dreams.

The hack to doing this is to develop more mindfulness. Here are three simple, straightforward ways that any of us can achieve more mindfulness:

  1. Create a journal or voice-note.
    Record your future visions and aspirations for at least five minutes, once per day. There are more complex versions of manifestation and meditating on goals. But, simply free-writing, or thinking about your future, every twenty-four hours, no matter what comes out allows for a big mindset shift.
  2. Increase the depth of your senses.
    When you use your five senses try and feel the experience more and more deeply. Whenever you see, taste, smell, hear, or touch something allow the sensations to be as deep as possible. Over time this deeper appreciation will free our subconscious to move with a bit more patience.
  3. Daily isolation.
    Find at least ten minutes daily where you can be completely away from distractions and think about your goals. Go for a walk, sit in a sauna, hot tub, or pull over to a parking lot. Whatever it is, this should be alone time, without any distractions at all. Simply think about your current dreams and future possibilities.

More Ways To Achieve A Mindful, Creative State

For the sake of this post, I’m only sharing those three methods. You could do all three, but please implement at least one of them.

If you want even more ideas, Solo Episode 11 of the JKL podcast takes a deeper dive and gives you 21 different activities you can do to increase mindfulness.

So if you want even more ways be sure to check it out: 21 Activities that you could use to improve your mindfulness.

Thanks for reading. Your pal,
Justin @JustTries 


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