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Virgil shares the inception story of his business. It’s a testament to the power of partnership and importance of mentorship.

Starting with a simple yet powerful interaction with a young entrepreneur, Virgil’s journey is a prime example of how a single moment can alter the course of your life. 

Despite the success, he emphasizes the hurdles. And shares about the mindset shifts required, as well as invaluable lessons from mentors.

Mentorship To Navigate The Course Creation Industry 

Virgil shares his remarkable transition from business ideas and aspirations to actualization. 

He managed to build a wildly successful business in the competitive space of course creation.
From a pivotal conversation that reshaped his outlook to building a $10 million business, he shows us the power of determination.

This all started when he decided to set his ego aside and learn from people who have already achieved the things he wanted.

Virgil emphasizes this transformative role of mentorship in both his life and business.
He recounts how guidance from others really propelled his business. Highlighting the influence of Russell Brunson

Crafting a Legacy Within And Beyond Business

Virgil’s narrative challenges the romanticized version of being a “business guru”.

But, as much as his philosophies are awesome, we also talked about the practical aspects of building a business.

We talked about vision, values, how to copy-write, storytelling, and the ethics of marketing. 

Virgil shared his pretty awesome take on the balance between personal growth and professional development.

He reminds us of the deeper satisfaction derived from purposeful entrepreneurship.

He advocates for a business model that emphasizes well-being alongside wealth.

We should focus more on  mental health, personal fulfillment, genuine connection, and alignment.

Embedded in this episode are incredible tips to help you focus on your foundation first. 

To be “successful” while also achieving wellness.

14 Strategies To Balance Success With Well-being

  1. Prioritize health as the true wealth
  2. Embrace continuous learning as a lifestyle
  3. Practice gratitude for both trials and triumphs
  4. Value genuine relationships over achievements
  5. Embrace your real identity and stay true to yourself
  6. Stay grounded in remembering your roots and your why
  7.  Focus on your dream, but remain flexible in your approach
  8. Celebrate all small wins by acknowledging every step forward
  9. Cultivate resilience and the strength to bounce back from adversity
  10. Learn from failures, setbacks and challenges as opportunities for growth
  11. Seek counterbalance by creating harmony between your work and personal life
  12. Embrace change while  expecting the unexpected and be open to evolving your actions
  13. Always give back, with generosity from day one and never stop making a positive impact on others

Memorable Quotes

“I like to approach a niche as fluid. Everything changes. Markets change. People change. You change. When you look in the mirror 10 years ago, you look totally different from now. Externally and internally you change. What you thought was cool 10 years ago may seem totally absurd to you now. So pivot and change direction.”

“People buy Fiat Pandas, but people also buy Ferraris. So, people buy both. Because there is a market for both. It depends on which crowd you position it for.”

“Relationships matter. Not relationships from a business perspective, that goes without saying. You need relationships to grow your business. But the people around you in your journey, through the ups and downs, don’t forget, or neglect them, don’t take them for granted, because they are the ones who are with you from the beginning and will be there no matter your glory, or failures.”

Guest Bio

Virgil was a high school dropout, who realized he would not work well with a boss. His only option was to become an entrepreneur.

He failed in many business projects. Until he discovered the potential of courses. In just a few years, he’s now built a $10M business.

And he’s been coaching others to do the same. The main strategy is to build and sell online courses. 

Virgil Brewster is an entrepreneur who transcends the conventional definitions of success. He brings a fresh perspective to the world of digital entrepreneurship. With a journey marked by significant

personal and business achievements, he is a great example of fulfilling your life’s mission. His dedication to empowering others makes him a pivotal figure in the entrepreneurial, social media community.

Follow Virgil

Website – VirgilBrewster.Com
Twitter X – @thevirgilbrew


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