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Jordie is that badass boss beauty type. She is an entrepreneur, writer, actor and producer. She gets into social media, business and acting, but a lot of life lessons too. Being half a Tomboy, stressors of childhood, using your imagination to set goals, and strategies to deal with ADHD.

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Episode Notes

Jordan aka Jordie Starbaby talks about breaking free of the traditional career mindset. She mentions one of her favorite lines from a movie is “you don’t come here to get jobs, you come here to create them.” It was this mindset that has led Jordan to being that badass boss beauty type throughout her entire career.

She talks about growing up with a few childhood challenges. WIth regards to mental health, she battled depression and being able to maintain attention in school. Like anyone with a silver lining mindset though, she maintains that these struggles have built a lot of her character. Much of her attitude also came from being an only child, moving as a kid and the bullying that came along with simply trying to fit in at school.

Jordan shared all about the school for performing arts that she attended. This school required a lot of sacrifices and commitment to attend because it was hours away. But, it was a huge factor in her development of creative confidence, an increasing interest in the arts and most importantly healthy social interactions. She made more friends and realized maybe she wasn’t the outcast that she thought she was at her homeschool. She also has a strong appreciation for the glaring differences between education and learning.

She is an incredible role model for anyone interested in building a business, or storytelling. On the entrepreneurial side of her life, she has created her own fashion shows, social media marketing services, and media distribution platforms. On the more traditional art side she is a credited actor, writer and producer of both film and theater.

Making the move from rural Connecticut to the big apple was one of those fairytale stories of focus for someone who loves to shine under the bright lights. There’s no doubt that she will keep busy building more and more business and creative ventures. But, the most exciting part is that she’s always open to helping others achieve their big dreams too. 

One of her areas of expertise is in making social media and content creation simple for people who are both new and experienced. She listed the reasons she likes and dislikes the most popular social media platforms and shared a case study of why it’s so valuable to invest time on LinkedIn especially today.

Expertise doesn’t have to be limited to business tips. Throughout the episode Jordan gave some amazing insight into dealing with a scattered mind. She shared some of her tips and tricks for keeping your ideas in check and making progress when you start to feel overwhelmed.

10 Ways To Prevent Feeling Overwhelmed

  1. Seek help if you need it. There is no weakness in going to therapy. Counseling and coaching can be proactive medicine as part of a self care routine.
  2. Accept that a certain level of depression and attention deficit can be a normal part of your character. But, also appreciate that there are actions specific to you that you can take to give yourself the best chance of thriving, not just surviving.
  3. Be proactive when planning ahead. Think in terms of projects and steps. Chunk larger tasks into smaller steps by working backwards from the end goal and work only on the next step at a time.
  4. Write down your ideas. Not because it’s a to-do list, or a diary, or a checklist per se, but simply because taking things into the physical written world helps to de clutter your mind.
  5. Create and use your second brain. This one is about writing, or typing things into action boards, checklists, and spreadsheets to keep track of your most important plans and data.
  6. Don’t rely on motivation, or energy. Instead rely on clarity, systems and habits in order to get your most valuable, high priority work done. Don’t worry about the other stuff.
  7. Make your systems visible. If it’s a goal board, save it on the background of your phone. A habit chart should be on a wall that’s visible multiple times per day. If you are creating a couple of “to-do” items for the day, put them on sticky notes.
  8. Celebrate small victories and accomplishments. The joy can not be in the final destination. You must find ways like checking things off, or scrapping your sticky notes, or ringing a bell, or dancing to a song every time you make the smallest of milestones so that you celebrate the entire process toward the end goal of your projects.
  9. Build a routine and daily schedule that keeps you on task and not confused about what you are supposed to be working on. This starts with selecting the right priority and setting your schedule accordingly.
  10. Find personal time for you, where you can check out of the project. When you are at work, be fully at work. When you are at play, or with friends and family, be fully present there. The idea of “balance” is a myth. Be fully unbalanced toward your current priority in the moment.

Memorable Quotes

“Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. A lot of people have glamorized being an entrepreneur without intake on what it means to be an entrepreneur.”

“Be honest about what your goals are and what is your big picture idea? And then go backward from there”

“I like pink, but I’ll punch you in the face if you mess with me, because I’m not girly, but I’m not a tomboy.”

Guest Bio

Most importantly she is a generous person who helps others achieve their dreams too. Jordan Elizabeth Gelber aka Jordie Starbaby is an award-winning actress, producer and creative business strategist. She is the CEO of Starbaby Enterprises, a marketing and production firm specializing in creating and curating content at a grassroots level. Beyond formal experience she is a creative storyteller and social media guru.

Starbaby Enterprises has a highly selective client roster, geared towards young and experienced professionals in both the entertainment and creative industries, and beyond. Jordan has personally launched several startups, working directly with CEOs, and expanding their businesses from $1K-$2M in 6 months through the power of content creation and digital marketing.

Additionally, Jordan and has produced several original productions yielding over 20 million international viewers.  With her decade of experience in Digital Marketing and content creation, combined with the power of Linkedin and social media outreach, Jordan has scaled businesses in multiple verticals to connect to their desired marketplace, achieve more exposure, and receive funding, distribution, or sponsorship for their projects.


Linktree – Jordie_Starbaby 

LinkedIn- jegelber

Twitter – @jordie_starbaby

Instagram – @jordie_starbaby


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