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Jacky went from being paralyzed, in a wheelchair, with depression, to joining social media, and building his own successful businesses. He shares what he does, but also how he was able to shift his mindset from one of failure to success when he was down and out.

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Episode Notes

Jacky is an inspiration to people in the areas of mental health, overcoming struggles and starting internet businesses. He shares with us all about the path that it took him to go from financial and mental struggles to being successful in both business and building a powerful mindset.

One of his most resilient success stories, was coined going from “wheelchair to dream chair”. This stems from an incident where he was let go from work and amidst his struggles to cope he was involved in an accident that left him paralyzed. 

Even though he was the most down on his luck and in financial debt more than he had ever been, and without work, not only did he overcome the 10% chance of walking again, but he also started and scaled a successful business. This launched his passion for helping people appreciate how they can own their paycheque.

Jacky shares that when he was really struggling, he was inspired by his daughter to make some changes to his own mindset. This is when he found thought gurus like Tony Robbins, Jay Shetty and John Assaraf. Learning from these three leaders about how to control your mind, emotions and achieve your dreams was a big part of turning his life around.

One of the strengths he brings to the conversation of achieving your goals is entrepreneurship. He talks about getting over the money blocks that get in the way. Understanding that once you understand how much money can lead to helping more people, then you can start to push for more and more success. Maybe doesn’t buy happiness, but the things that you can do with it can help make you and others happier.

Jacky got into social media a lot later than many people do, but in a short time he has grown quite a loyal following. So, talking all about business, how to get into content creation, building attention and monetizing your work in a simple way was a big focus of our conversation.  

It can be difficult to summarize such great conversations. Throughout the episode we talked a lot about loss, mindset, collaboration and how to be a successful entrepreneur. No doubt his life experience, while at many times challenging, has become an inspiration to many.

8 Ways To Build Your Dream As An Entrepreneur

  1. Live with gratitude for the past, present and future, so that you can maintain the mindset that the ups and downs of this life are not happening to you, rather they are happening for you.
  2. Do the hard work of building your tribe and nurturing that community like a family.
  3. Always be kind and generous to people you meet because networking is key.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and find support. Whether hired coaches, or free mentors and heroes, be sure to gain guidance from people who have been there before.
  5. Surround yourself with people pursuing similar goals and values, which will boost your own ideas, motivation and energy.
  6. Be consistent. It doesn’t matter so much what you could possibly do, what matters is that you do complete the most important things regularly. 
  7. Maintain your purpose and remove limiting beliefs by having a very intrinsic, “why” that is important to you.
  8. Collaboration is the key to success. No matter the business model, or what you create, working on projects big, or small with others will help you prevent procrastination, be accountable and increase creativity.

Memorable Quotes

“Having a vision is not about perfection. It’s about getting started.”

“Life is not happening to you. It’s happening for you.”

“If you spend half an hour every single day before going to bed, building your side hustle for next 30, 60 or 90 days, I will guarantee you you will have a business in three months.”

Guest Bio

Published a few times in Forbers Magazine, Jaikishaan Sharma is often better known as “Jacky”. He is founder and CEO of Sharmaatricks which connects individuals interested in online business to learn and support one another. The company also connects people to money making opportunities online with the goal of helping them grow their own home based business.. 

Jacky also co founded an oil and perfume product line called J’YUG Australia, which sells fragrances online in the form of lotions, perfume, cologne, candles, mists and more. This was a perfect example of him combining his interest in scents with a passion for business and rolling it out.

Jacky has more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, and has enjoyed many executive positions throughout his career. He has worked for Australis top Energy Providers, he was CEO of successful Direct Sales Agency in Australia and started a few of his own businesses.

But in 2015, Jaikishaan hit rock-bottom when he made into an accident and got bound to the wheelchair. During this time he grew to appreciate the saying “The brighter the light, the darker the shadows.” You can go one of two ways. Either dwell in your darkness, or be inclined to spread as much light as you can.

After going through severe depression, anxiety and stress, he decided to defy the odds. He started working on his mindset and belief system which helped him to get back on his feet in 2019. 

Jaikishaan took his first step in front of the same doctors who told him he has only 10% chance to walk again. Now he runs his successful businesses and helps hundreds of hardworking people around the world create their own financial freedom.


LinkedIn – JaikishaanSharma

Instagram – @jaikishaansharma

Facebook – Jaikishaan Sharma


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