Jennifer Sutto Just Keep Learning Summary

Jenny from the Blockchain talks about getting into the Web3 and NFT space. We discuss her mindset as a lifelong learner, business owner, and social media expert.

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Episode Notes

Jenny is someone who really understands how to pivot, keep learning and capitalize on new opportunities. She is great at understanding the creative and design process as it relates to creating content and business goals. She has built many different versions of her own personal brand. She’s written books, created podcasts, built e-commerce stores and more.

She is a tremendous example of building trust with your audience by being true to yourself. Alongside her sister she has successfully built a number of different followings by focusing on camaraderie and serving her audience.

We talked a lot about how she first got into business. Even though she went to college and has worked corporate 9 to 5’s she had a feeling that she wanted to be an entrepreneur. A mentor helped her make that decision by telling her to believe in herself, take the jump and build a parachute on the way down.

She has a strength of identifying trends and deciding to double down on areas that are currently working. This goes for social media success, as well as entrepreneurship. She and her sister, Stephanie leveraged social media to scale a successful glitter, ecommerce business. At the same time she knows how to prioritize, because she retired from Tik Tok, their most lucrative platform to focus full time on NFT’s and Twitter. 

While it might seem like NFT’s have been around for a while because they became such a viral buzzword in the last year, they are still in early stages of adoption. Yet, she has been active in this aspect of Web 3 for quite some time. Jenny is building a successful brand tied to the blockchain and is both an avid collector and content creator in the space. She shares about how she got into NFTs through dapper labs NBA Topshot. 

We talked about Web3 definitions, like NFT, blockchain and acronyms such as “WAGMI”. We also got into her current take on the NFT market, how she evaluates projects and what she predicts in the future of the space. 

Jenny shared all about the possibilities that Non Fungible Tokens bring beyond just the art. There are monetary, investment vehicles, as well as simply proof of ownership, status symbols, access, and membership. We also discussed the NFT podcast she co-hosts and whether or not she has plan to build her own project in the future. Chatting about the possible negatives of the space, and her worries and fears was valuable as well, especially as it relates to safety and security.

She is skilled in the area of social media, as a content creator, brand ambassador, and influencer marketing. She has experience from both sides of the equation. She has built her own audience, as well as supported her sister and other clients in building theirs, while securind brand deals. But, through her time working with Evaluate Market, she has also developed the skill set of searching for and providing brand deals to influencers.

In this episode of Just Keep Learning, we talk about education and Jenny talks about how she did go to college. While she sees some benefit to formal schooling, she felt like she was mostly going through the motions. The goal was pretty much to get the credits and move on. Outside of school however, she loves to learn and has developed a passion for self learning, especially in business. This is why she knew ultimately she wanted to be her own boss.

Safe to say that Jennifer Sutto, AKA Jenny From The Blockchain is a great leader online. She builds cool communities and would be a great mentor to those looking to scale their own dreams in the digital world. Hope you enjoy the episode!

7 Content Creation Tips To Build Your Business

  1. Find out what is fun for you, what are you good at, or enjoy that you can create?
  2. Make sure you won’t give up, what would you post about everyday without wanting to give up?
  3. What audience could your serve? Or what problem could you solve?
  4. Find some inspiration and take note of a few styles of content you would like to create.
  5. Don’t just create a broad platform at first. Be niche specific in the beginning as you train the algorithm to know what you are all about and build the right audience for you.
  6. Build community, interact by going live, create engagement opportunities with contest, giveaways, and comments. Get feedback and create more of what serves people best.
  7. Give it time, stay consistent, and give it time.

Memorable Quotes

“Sometimes you just have to jump without a parachute and figure it out along the way, especially for young people.”

“I just like doing what’s fun in life. This is literally your life. If you’re working at a job that you don’t like you could just quit and get another one. It’s not that hard, but people make it hard on themselves, they create these mental roadblocks.”

“I kind of worry for some people that get enticed by the idea of making money in the NFT space, rushing into things, focusing on money, and not worrying about passwords, or security.”

Guest Bio

Jennifer Sutto went from serving in a restaurant to speaking on stages and being well known in the creative, social media and entrepreneurial space. Her business journey took off when she and her sister went to a festival and found a problem in the market for party-goers.

They created their own formula for glitter gel that doesn’t budge once it dries. They went viral on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram over the years as “the glitter twins” and scaled their e-commerce business to 5 figures in a couple years, without paid ads.

This early success allowed her to get more serious about business and she started focusing on participating in entrepreneurship conferences and events as she figured out what she would like to focus on next. She realized this is a never ending process and as such has many different business ventures.

She is currently working on a personal brand, Jenny From The Blockchain, where she serves her audience with content about Web and NFTS. She is also an author, speaker and content creator teaching people about marketing, social media, and business.


Twitter –  @JennyFromTheBlockchain 


Entrepreneurship, NFTs, Personal Brand, Social Media, Tik Tok

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