Kelsey Cole Just Keep Learning Summary

Kelsey talks about her struggles with mental health, passion for women’s rights and how to achieve your own business goals. We learn about the path from working in corporate to starting a company and talk a lot about marketing and values. Kelsey is a tremendous role model for women in business. But, she’s a great role model for everyone else too!

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Episode Notes

Kelsey Cole is another incredible example of putting values first when determining what to do in life. But, it wasn’t easy. It took a battle with mental illness and an existential crisis to bring about the change in career path that got her to where she is today. With a lot of experience in modern entrepreneurship and marketing, as well as life event’s she is a great mentor and role model.

At the heart of Kelsey’s work is a strong desire to help people, especially women, become financially independent and empowered to live their best lives. Whatever that may be for  you specifically, because everyone has a different answer. We discuss the struggle between being a starving artist to focus with conviction on your passion versus maintaining your nine to five job. Kelsey shares her own path to going from corporate job to starting a company. 

Kelsey demonstrates great bravery in the world of business. She focuses her energy in making entrepreneurship a positive space as it relates to women’s rights and mental health. In this episode she opens up about her own struggles with working in make dominated fields. As a busy person in both social media management, and cryptocurrency, she has seen her fair share of rude and innapropriate men.

She does not go into detail, but it’s worth noting that it may be upsetting for some people to hear about the things that motivate her. She is in many ways motivated by negative experiences that led her to really appreciate and advocate for the Me Too Movement. Her own abuse and traumatic events have really been a foundation for the good she tries to bring to the world.

Kelsey explains how being thorough and skeptical can really be a positive for entrepreneurs. If you have the right team and the right goals and action steps then not only will the work be more enjoyable, but it will be more successful. It also allows us to make sure that we are building things the right way. We want to make sure we trust things that we attach our names to. We don’t want to be known for being part of the snake oil that so often exists online.

Naturally, learning was a big theme that ran through the episode. Kelsey shared her formal education experience. But she also mentioned that she prefers to self learn, and there is a learning style for everyone. She personally loves to stay up to date with the news cycle, especially in business and finance. This comes from a tip from her father that everything you need to know about the market’s can be traced back to the news, for better, or worse.

In this episode of Just Keep Learning, Kelsey shares the definition of cryptocurrency, blockchain and the future of NFT’s. She also talks about building an empire, as opposed to a project in her efforts to build Yondomondo. There’s nothing to say that any NFT initiative will succeed, but at least she is trying to build a media empire through Web3 characters. She talks about how to start your own project, collaboration and the importance of learning throughout the process. 

Marketing, whether it is for personal brands, companies, shows, or projects all comes down to the same thing. It comes down to serving first. Give, give, give, give give. If you provide value as your main focus, the money will follow. Build community, build your tribe and you will reap the rewards in the best way possible. Kelsey shared that cheat code to success and many others in this incredible episode of Just Keep Learning. Hope you like it!

8 Things To Keep In Mind As A Founder

  1. Give, give, give. In all aspects of your journey, never forget to be generous.
  2. Join a team first. It doesn’t need to be a long time, but working within another team is a great first step because you can learn so much from other founders.
  3. Build an engaged, family-like community.
  4. Focus on emotional connection, service, learning from your audience and bringing value.
  5. Identify your strengths and double down on them by making sure they are a big part of your daily effort
  6. Identify your weaknesses and make sure you have people on your team that can compliment because they are strengths for them.
  7. Time is money, so find your one thing, your focus and manage your time to ensure the greatest impact.
  8. Build an empire, not just a product, project, or service, by focusing on trust, goodwill and karma over time.

Memorable Quotes

“Give. Give. Give. Give. Give. Serve first and you will reap the rewards”

“Don’t ask me what I do? Ask me why I get up in the morning?”

“When you show off the wrong things you become a target of negative energy. Be a good person and be humble throughout your journey to success.”

Guest Bio

Kelsey’s expertise is in taking complex ideas, and turning them into beloved brands that speak for themselves. She uses design and communication to open hearts and minds. The agency she co-founded MVM Media provides lifestyle clients, events, and tech startups with digital ad campaigns. They’ve spent millions on behalf of clients, and made 10s of millions for clients online.

She has incredible experience having worked with brands like The Grammys, Tesla, Blockworks, TIFF, the United Nations, To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science, Fable Home, Blume, bluboho, Coal & Canary, The Arrivals, Flutter, Are You Am I, Everyday Sunday, Wildcraft, ANACT, the Woobles and Hero Health.

Her early career involved marketing and advertisement for some of the world’s most recognizable brands (L’Oreal, Red Bull, Revlon) before she moved to the start up world. She got very involved in the Silicon Valley scene and saw the decentralization of the startup community as an opportunity to open her own boutique marketing agency.

She is an Entrepreneur, Investor, Speaker & Women’s Rights Activist, who is also regarded as a pioneer in the blockchain space. Charitably, she works closely with the United Nation’s partnership office establishing programs between the private sector, global governments and NGOs to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals with a primary focus on achieving SDG #5, Gender Equality.

She has a goal to raise awareness for the SDGs by engaging the world’s biggest brands and tech companies to put real business dollars in their own enterprises towards innovation that fuels collective good.


LinkedIn – Kelsey Cole
Twitter –  TheKelseyCole


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