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7 Powerful Questions To Make Sure We Are Ready To Own Our Big Dreams

Think of something you want to do. Now, ask why haven’t you started yet? If you were able to take ownership of your decisions, you would be. 

So what’s getting in the way?

Many clients I work with, especially teens, feel overwhelmed by the pressure put on them to have a goal in life. The last word they want to hear is “goal-setting”.

But, why is this?

Simply put, many of us aren’t ready to take ownership over our dreams. This happens for a couple reasons.

First, we’re scared to create one, singular vision that feels like it’s carved in stone.

When we feel like we are saying yes to one plan, but have a fear of missing out of all the other possible plans, we are at risk of not focusing on anything.

It’s definitely better to have a plan. We can always go to Plan B, or Plan C, but not unless we first have a Plan A.

Second, all of the outside voices that enter our minds, from family, friends, mentors, and social media, make us feel like there are right and wrong answers when it comes to setting goals.

Teachers, friends, and any other caring adults in our lives mean well when they try to “guide us”. We want to keep people safe, so we make little, subtle, or big, explicit comments to help them out. 

But often times this steering us in a certain direction has the exact opposite effect of what we intended.

Dreams Should Be Pure

In reality, true dreams and goals are pure. They just come to us. And it’s from these that we must choose a dream or goal.

Not from some outside influence.

So, we know it’s important to own our big dreams. 

And, we know a few of the things that can get in the way.

It sounds overly simple, but if we want to protect our dreams, we just need to decide.

A Classic Will Smith Clip

The real thing we are doing here today is making sure that we are ready to own our dream.

There is a pretty famous clip from Will Smith that summarizes this concept real quickly, in a matter of seconds.

And while people have shared it across social media in thousands of ways, I remember witnessing this original interview on TV.

It was 2003, or four and I was half asleep after a late night of training for football when this interview was on and I almost couldn’t get back to bed because it motivated me so much.

Will say’s there is a powerful quality that making a choice has. 

Like, just decide. Make a choice.

What is it going to be, who it’s going to be, what’s going to happen. 

Just decide.

And from there the universe is going to want to get out of your way.

It’s like water, it will work around you. 

I want to represent the idea of possibility. The idea that you are powerful enough to decide and then get what you want.

But How Do We Decide?

If you’re like me when you first listened to this clip, you agree with the idea, but don’t know how to decide. 

That’s because there is a little piece of the puzzle still missing. If I ask you, “are you ready to own your big dream”, what would your reaction be?

Most people would react with a yes, or a no. It seems like a binary, black and white, yes, or no idea, but in reality it is important to answer this with some reflection questions.

This will take a few moments. Ideally go to your happy place. Take some time in a space that you can have some un interrupted thinking time. No matter how confident you are in your big dream I feel it’s really worthwhile to go through this process, because we can make sure our goals don’t exist for the wrong reasons.

It can be easy to feel like we are in control of our efforts even though they are being guided by someone, or something else. Rather than just guessing if we are, or are not in control, it is best to answer seven questions that tell us if we are in fact the one in control.

True, Or False, You Are Ready To Own Your Big Dream?

We can be prepared to take ownership by answering “true” to the following questions.

1. I have a clear purpose and am ready to create solutions that serve that purpose.

2. The decisions I make will not be swayed by family, friends, or mentors.

3. My dream will serve others, but I will be the most excited for it to succeed.

4. I will believe in my dream even if people hate, challenge, or debate it.
5. I will share my dream without fear that others will make me give up.

6. My skills, interests, and goals make me the right person to take action toward my dream.

7. While I should learn from others, I can make my dream unique and specific to me.

No matter what the big dream is, you could pursue it. If even a few minutes a day. But not until you’re ready to take ownership. Once you can own these seven questions, it’s all about figuring out the details.

Thanks for reading. Your pal,
Justin @JustTries 


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