Marley Jaxx Just Keep Learning Summary

Marley has built a few successful businesses. A passion for content creation, especially video from a young age led to a side hustle, which grew into an agency and eventually a huge entrepreneurial career.

We talked about business, content creation, and achieving success all the while being diagnosed with a rare form of aggressive cancer.

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Episode Notes

Marley uses the hashtag “Get Jaxxed ” when it comes to challenging her audience to build a bigger brand. It’s a brilliant catchphrase, that shows her powerful skillset in language and marketing.

It’s definitely a great summary of her own brand too.

Her current business is a joint venture with her husband, Steve, called “Youtube Lead Machine”. They specialize in helping clients create organic youtube content that turns into leads for their business while growing their authority.

Figure Out Your Dreams And Goals

Marley explains how turning your passions and interests into a career, or at least part of a career, like a side hustle is very realistic. But, it needs to start with organic, intrinsic pursuits so that you actually love it. 

Be sure to connect things you are good at, to what you enjoy and make sure that people need, or want it.

We talked about the fact that every person has a different path to success. 

Some people might want to go very niche with their content, some may want to stay a little broader and others somewhere in between. Or, some of us might not even know yet.

Overcoming Adversity On The Journey

The name ‘Jaxx’ actually means someone who can overcome any obstacle that comes their way. One of the ways she overcomes obstacles and achieves her goals is something she learned from Tony Robbins. 

The life lesson that had the greatest impact on Marley was learning that if you change the story you tell yourself, then you’ll be able to shift toward the life you want.

The idea of “Be, Do, Have” is a mental framework for success that Marley leans on. She explained that we need to be the type of person who would achieve the things we want to have. We need to be that type of person first. Then we do the things that person does and finally, we will receive what that person gets. 

But it first starts with defining our identity. Deciding who we are.

Fighting The Money Monster

Many of us, maybe even most of us grow up with confusion around money. Marley was no different. She talks about getting more and more comfortable with the value and positive aspects of money.

She shares about overcoming money blocks, understanding how to make more, getting more comfortable earning more, charging more, and also spending more.

Money is simply a “thank you” for the value we receive, and we should think about our investments this way as well. We should not be scared to make investments in life. 

Instead of asking “what is the cost of this?” Ask, “What is the cost of not doing this?” It may just be that not spending the money would be worse.

Finding Balance And Flow

Marley works hard. But more impressive is her ability to play hard, and relax as well. We talked about the importance of work, life, and creative balance. 

She shares how her goal is a state of flow in life. Can we maintain focus on what our passion currently is, while not overdoing it and burning out?

Not getting caught up in the “have to-do’s” but rather maintaining focus on the get-to-do’s” is a key to life.

As always, we talked about a bunch of fun topics; school; learning for the sake of accomplishing grades and passing tests, vs learning for enjoyment; learning how to learn; divorce, cancer, wellness, grief and creating impact in the time we have on earth.

14 Tips For Successful Entrepreneurship 

  1. At it’s core business is all about relationships, networking and exchanges of value for an agreed upon compensation, whether in partnerships, or in client deals and customers.
  2. Your success all starts with identity, habits and routines. Who are you, who do you want to be and how do those people act, what do they do?
  3. Take yourself to attractive character school (how to create simple, but effective setups for the best quality video creation, how to stand for the brand values that are true to you, how to speak, on camera, or off camera, crafting a message, how to deliver the message in a way that people want to hear more.)
  4. Learn how to live in the moment and enjoy the process of creating your hobby, side hustle, or career. Find excitement in figuring out the path, as opposed to the attainment of the goal.
  5. Study the routines, steps and habits of people who have achieved similar goals already. Create as the unique person you are, but decide what can you steal from them that will help you on your journey.
  6. Choose mentors that already have the thing that you want, whether it’s an accomplishment in the industry or a lifestyle you would like. Learn from them, but also start teaching others to give back. 
  7. As far as business systems go, it’s always specific to the situation, but overall, it’s a matter of creating content that is compelling and attracts an audience. Then, generate leads, nurture and support those leads, and a certain percentage will become customers. Fulfill your promise to them, possibly upsell and resell to your best clients by providing more of what they need.
  8. Never try to be someone else. There is so much noise out there we could be tempted to copy someone, but you need to stay true to yourself. 
  9. Don’t get distracted by other things you could do. Focus on the things you need to do to be authentically you.
  10. Build trust. Customers make purchase decisions on how much they trust a company or person. People will also be more likely to build collaborative ventures alongside you if there is a foundation of trust. 
  11. When we make a mistake in our business and are unable to fulfill a promise for our customers that is up to our standards, effective communication can save the relationship. Have your heart and values in the right place, and be willing to listen, apologize, and offer various solutions.
  12.  It’s an individual decision, but if you want to be able to reach the maximum people and impact then you will have to start building a team. 
  13. Build a culture of collaborative, extreme ownership within your team. Hold each other accountable and speak openly about failures, but also celebrate the wins and shout people out for doing great things to reinforce positive progress and effort.
  14. Put constant, never ending energy into continuing to improve your ability to solve problems for your clients.

Memorable Quotes

“One of the best things ever is being able to find your passion and learn to monetize it, without losing the passion and reasons for why you loved it in the first place.”

“How lucky are we today that we can literally turn our hobby into million-dollar businesses?”

“You are not going to attract what you want, you are going to attract what comes with who you are.”

“There is always something we can learn, even if it is learning what not to do.”

“New level, new devil.”

“Commitment doesn’t care how you feel.”

Guest Bio

CEO of Jaxx Productions, and Youtube Lead Machine, Marley has 15 years of experience in the field of content marketing and video production. 

She is also a highly acclaimed business acceleration coach, speaker and course creator.

From the pages of Forbes to the mainstage at Funnel Hacking Live, Marley works with her clients to discover the power of implementing an Infinite Cashflow System inside each of their businesses, built on effortless high-ticket customer ascension.

In other words, she helps people create content that reaches a target audience effectively, educates them on why they should be a customer, nurtures them to appreciate the solution they are missing, and become a client that has a big, mutual benefit for the business owner and customer to grow the business.

Marley’s roster of clients includes such legendary thought leaders as Cristy Code Red, Alex Charfen, Daymond John, and Stephen Larsen. She’s also shared the stage alongside Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins, Tom Bilyeu, and Frank Kern.


LinkedIn – marleyjaxx
Instagram – @marleyjaxx 
YouTube – @MarleyJaxx 
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