Step 3: What Are You Interested In?

JKLTip What do you love to do, or what do you want to learn to love to do?
Learning Your Interests, Goalsetting

This is where we get into the “life is too short” talk. But, instead of putting it on a shirt, poster, or ceramic mug we feel it. Because, it’s true. Learning your interests is important to build this one life.

There is no surprise why so many kids struggle in school. It’s no surprise why so many youth and adults have trouble with mental health. So many people are doing things they don’t enjoy. It’s not about choosing between skills and interests. It’s about understanding, for each individual, how they complement each other.

Dreams, Strengths, Interests, But Mostly EFFORT 

“Burnout” is a myth. Much like “writer’s block”. These terms don’t actually exist. They feel real, but they’re imagined. If you are truly engaged in what you love, and you take care of your basic needs, there is no burnout. Sore, tired, frustrated, sure, but not burned out. This is why it’s important to ask, where do you love to put your effort? 

To be successful it is going to take extreme amounts of effort. If there is something you find easy to pour your heart and soul into then that is worth pursuing. It doesn’t mean completely abandoning your abilities, but it means trying to do as much of that energizing thing as possible.  This is why learning what interests you is so crucial.

What Are My Interests?

Think about the classic question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Figuring out our passions is another thing that is simple, but difficult. Much like dreaming, many things can get in the way. So here are a couple of ground rules.

Your passions DO NOT have to do with experience, and it DOES NOT matter if you are good or bad at them. It DOES NOT matter, at this point, if you know anything about them.

We are trying to figure out what you think makes you come alive. Therefore, nothing is off-limits when it comes to learning your interests. Ask questions like these:

  • When you are in the zone, a flow state of pure enjoyment, what are you doing?
  • If you could pass something on to a teen “you wish you knew then” what would it be?
  • As a kid, what were some things you “wanted to be when you grew up?”
  • When you get envious at a life someone else has, what would you want?
  • What brings you the highest amount of joy and lowest of resentment?
  • If you’re forced to do something for every moment for the rest of life, what do you choose?
What If You Don’t Succeed?

I make films as a hobby. I do as much as I can because I really enjoy it. Will I become a big-time movie maker? Probably not. But that’s ok. This is the key to doing something you truly love. The results genuinely don’t matter. Am I using it to give me more freedom in life? Yes.

Would big results be a welcomed and celebrated accomplishment? Of course! I would love to have one hundred million views. But, if it never happens, I will be just fine. Because I love the making and the process itself. It’s about envisioning where you would like to put more effort into.

If your goal is to have this dream give you the financial freedom to live your own life, then there are some things that need to be worked out. People don’t typically get paid for a passion itself. That’s reserved for the superstars. Don’t give up on it, but recognize that others will probably pay you with something connected to it. But, these missing pieces are for the later steps.

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