Step 2: What Are You Good At?

JKLTip Make a list of skills and abilities you are good at according to you and others.
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Unlocking the ability to dream big is the first and biggest hurdle to figuring out what to do in life. It can feel random and esoteric. But, each step after learning to dream becomes a little more sequential and pragmatic. Although, we can always bounce around between the seven parts at any time. Step two is about learning your strengths. 

Learning what you are good at may help you decide on your big dream. But it might also identify the best short term stepping stone. Every dream requires an investment. So, while you are investing in the long term, what is the best way to make money in the short term?

It is possible to branch out into the complete unknown. And, it’s not too far fetched that you find a passion you are not good at and commit to making it a reality. But, before we go down the rabbit hole of your greatest desires, it helps to know what your current situation can provide. 

How To Know What You Are Good At?

This is about figuring out what your quote, unquote, “gifts” are. When it comes to determining your strengths, it can help to make a list. Ask yourself and others a few questions, such as:

  • What are you good at?
  • What comes easily to you?
  • Name some skills you have.
  • What are you confident you could get good at quickly?
  • What do you do that impresses others?
  • Name something you can do others can’t.
What To Do With All These Strengths?

It’s quite common for this list to surprise you. It’s also perfectly normal to come up with a list that you don’t really care for. No matter how shocking they are, keep them on the list. Whether you are just bored of them, or they simply don’t turn your crank, keep them on the list.

There is one more step to learning your strengths. Beside each strength on the list, create two columns. In the first column, write how good you feel you are at that “thing” from 0-10. In a second column, write how much you think you enjoy it from 0-10. 

Find an uninterrupted place, even if you have to go for a walk for five minutes, just to get away. Take a second look at your list and let the results sink in. This is nothing more than reflection at this point. What does it make you think of? Now that you know how to dream, does it bring up any new desires?

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