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My goal is to tell you why this newsletter will help you more than any other.

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“What is the biggest challenge or question you have about growing a creator business?”

I am super excited to share some creator wisdom with you every Wednesday

My goal is to help anyone who wants to be a creator or anyone who is teaching, or supporting others who want to build a creator business.

I will share as much as I can to make that easier for you.

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💎 1 Tip To Launch, Grow, Or Monetize.

Most people don’t need motivation, they need clarity.
We can create content within a combination of three areas.

We could use a medium that is primarily audio, visual, or written.

In other words we can create things like podcasts, digital art, movies, or blog posts.

No matter what we create, we need a vision, a North Star. Or as Bob Goff puts it “we need to keep the moon in the window”.

Moon, Clouds

As we head out on this creator journey together I would like you to meditate and reflect on what that vision is for you?

It will change. That darn moon is always showing up in a different place. That’s O.K.

The key is to always be able to find it.

At this moment, what vision do you have for your creator business?

Find a few other creators you can look up to while crafting your own vision.

💎 1 Mini Essay On Designing Your Creator Life.

In the next issue I will share an essay on everything I have learned from the coaches and courses in the creator economy so far. And it is quite the list!

You see, I’m a big believer that we should make deposits, investments in the economy we want to be a part of.

When I was a personal trainer, we used to train each other. 
Life coaches have other life coaches.
It makes sense. 

If it’s something we believe in, then we should put our money where our mouth is.

The creator economy is no different.

And it doesn’t need to be a lot. I joined a great workshop last night for $20.00

Could you go about this without taking a whole bunch of courses?

Especially if you follow the JKL Podcast and Newsletter, it will be easier.

But, time is our most important resource.
And if something saves me time and I can afford it, I’m in!

That time saved gives me energy to create. 

So I have no shame about it, I have learned from a bunch, and I mean a bunch of coaches and courses.

My goal now is to teach you everything I know. And everything I learn in the future.

One last thing first, I never stopped creating!

Even though I have taken an incredible amount of courses. I have never stopped creating.

We should spend 90% of our time creating, in the other 10% we should spend it learning. 

In the next issue I will share an essay on everything I have learned from the coaches and courses in the creator economy so far.

And it is quite the list!

💎 1 Creator Business Shoutout.

Each week I share a shoutout to a fellow creator.

For the first letter, there is more than one.

I mentioned that I have learned a lot from courses in order to improve my ability to succeed as a content creator.

I think I’m going to put the number one thing that I remember from each of them into a guide and share with you.

In the meantime, here is a shout out to the creators of the courses I’ve taken (so far)

  • Justin Welsh content creation
  • Amy Porterfield growing an email list
  • Seth Godin bootstrapping your business
  • Alex Hormozi creating you irresistible offer
  • Pat Flynn validating a business idea for your audience
  • Adam Enfroy blogging content by understanding keywords
  • Lauren Tickner creating content and audience growth
  • Jim Kwik mindset and preventing procrastination
  • Lenita Abouchabake creating content as a coach
  • Stu McLaren creating a membership community
  • Russel Brunson quality funnel building
  • Tai Lopez storytelling and sales
  • Joe Casabona podcasting
  • Jay Clouse niches

💎 1 Resource.

Each week I’ll share a resource that is helping me build my own educreator business. 

In future issues I’ll share a book, tool, site, channel, or podcast that has been a big help to me on this journey.

Of course, in this first edition I have to share my own show, the Just Keep Learning Podcast because I know that if you ask the right questions, I will be able to create the right answers and share them with you.

We have incredible episodes on all different topics to help you succeed as a creator. There are some incredible guests joining us over the next year that will bring a ton of value.

So be sure to check out the show on your favorite podcast player and let me know something you learned from an episode.

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