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Just Keep Learning Podcast combines entertainment with education to help people learn in the real world. “JKL” is a show where Justin (@JustTries) interviews experts in their field to help people learn from the best. In each episode we will learn from a different expert guest speaker in their field. But, we will always focus on goal setting, vulnerability, dreaming big, and a growth mindset.

Episode Notes

Everyone has the ability to chase their dreams. Yet, we let so many things get in the way.
Everyone has the ability to be a great teacher. Yet, we overcomplicate.

If you are listening to this right now, thank you. 

Contrary to popular belief, the most difficult thing in starting a show is not getting started. It’s getting people to know about it. If you like learning, growth mindset and vulnerability, then this podcast is for you! 

Welcome to the trailer for The Just Keep Learning Podcast, I’m your host, Justin aka (@JustTries).

All of our guests are great role models in their field. 

We interview many of the greats when it comes to podcasting, community management, social media, digital products, online marketing, memberships, blogging and more…

By listening wherever you are, at whatever speed you’d like you can learn how to pursue online business for yourself.

Some Great Quoates From Upcoming Just Keep Learning Episodes:

  • Amy Blaschka – “Everyone is a leader. Everyone can be a leader. It’s really about how you move through life.”
  • Jacob Kelly – “Everyone tends to be their most P-R’d version of themselves on social media. We curate what we decide to share. Although we are starting to see a shift.”
  • Irina Buse – “Yea I did my job, but I was never the best. I did what I had to do. But the system is very good at telling you that if you’re not good at everything then you are no good.”
  • Jordan Paris – “The goal should always be to find evidence that disconfirms your most cherished beliefs and those of others, that is true science. Confirmation bias, that’s what we’re fighting here.”
  • Karla Gregg – “If you put different skills, something you’re good at and something someone else is good at, it’s going to be a power team So yeah, I definitely believe in collaboration.
  • Buster Scher – “I think everybody, at a very young age, knows what they love. Now, most people don’t think they know what they love. But whatever you spend the most time doing, that’s what you love!”

Our biggest challenge is to make sure that this show gets to the people who need it most. If you know anyone with an interest in learning or starting their own online business, please pass it along, subscribe, and leave a review.

We don’t have any outside sponsors yet. So, if you would like to support the show follow @JustTries, or go to justkeeplearning.ca and check out our content and coaching to help you crush your own goals!

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